Chanel style: classic and finesse

Chanel style: classic and finesse
 Chanel name is known not only every self-respecting fashionista, but any cultural educated person. Her style exists outside of fashion trends, it is already a model for many generations, but it is not easy to achieve perfection. Although based on Chanel style is only two components - a classic and finesse.  

There are some clear rules for differentiating between a Chanel style unlike any other.

Rule 1: color

This item is at first glance seems very simple: Coco Chanel encouraged to dress in those shades that go for you. Why at first sight? In fact, to find your perfect color is very difficult. But if you manage to do this, you instantly converts: most of the shortcomings disappear as if by itself, turned into advantages, and you feel that the first step towards the attainment of the style has already been made. Should pay attention primarily on the dull tones, pastels and gentle.

Rule 2: silhouette, trim, cut

Chanel - a looseness and openness, not turning in frivolity, this elegance without stiffness. Therefore, in addition to be both restrained and free. Permissible fitting kits or straight cut, with an average width of sleeves.

Do not get carried away with the accessories and parts: better not to abandon them or focus on one element animates the image - for example, the valve pocket or Small and collar. Chanel carefully worked to finish their outfits, and this part of the costume requires your attention: it may be buttons or specially processed seams. Modern variations allow for finishing in the form of cords. Do not forget that perfection can be achieved by focusing on simplicity, not a luxury. Your main decoration will be rigor and modesty dress, not his splendor.

Rule 3: length

This should be discussed separately. If you choose a dress, they must cover the knee. However, the length maxi - this is not the style of Chanel.

Rule 4: relevance

Where appropriate to reconstruct the image created by Coco Chanel? The answer is obvious: always. This style of women, free from stereotypes and opinions, knowing about their attractiveness, who knows how to behave in society. This is the style of a beautiful lady who is the epitome of femininity and sophistication, but it can be tough. This is an image of a real woman, who is not subject to transient ideals, remaining unchanged for many years.

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