7 dresses for all occasions

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 In vain, evil tongues say that women have lost their sexual identity because of unisex clothing. Dresses, sexy, strict, tender and fervent return again and replenish wardrobes fashionistas. A variety of styles and models confusing. But the choice is still inevitable. For example, you can pick up seven dresses for all occasions.
 Dress "Princess"

This outfit was invented in 1864 specifically for the Princess of Wales. This style is distinguished by vertical seams to the waist. Its revival is a pretty dress seen at different times - the 1900s, then in the 30s, and in 1950 again became popular. Currently, this style is also in demand as a kind of retro style.


For the first time this style appeared in 1928. Its main difference - straight cut, adjacent to the hips, without the expressed waist. Such dress is perfect oval or square neck. Possible and evening option - dress is put on thin spaghetti straps.

Jacket-cut dress

The famous Coco Chanel in 1926, with her usual brilliance from a simple dress-coat to create a masterpiece - a jacket cut dress. Refined style was by 1935 and developed until the 60s. The dress looks like blouses with masculine collar and cuffs. Through the waist shirt is sewn to the skirt. Variations are different. The skirt can be straight, flared, pleated, pleated bell.


Prototype dress-bag appeared in the early twentieth century. The cut of this style is economical, practical and is free, straight dress. It has a cutting line above the hips and the free zone. Coco Chanel on the show in 1911 demonstrated just such a dress made of cotton jersey.

Dress with a trapezoidal silhouette

This style was designed by Yves Saint Laurent in the late 50s. The model remained at the height of fashion until the end of the 60s, especially in the form of mini-dresses. The cut of this dress - single cut through the waist, with narrow shoulders and wide hem.

Dresses with H-shaped silhouette

This model was created by Christian Dior in the mid 50s. Reminds a little dress-up box. Here waistline defines the belt or scarf tied, for example, above the waist.

Dress with an A-shaped silhouette

Following the H-silhouette Dior created and A-line. This style of cutting on the hips with stitched skirt bell.

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