5 things in retro style in your wardrobe

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 It is difficult to give a precise definition of retro style clothing, because it can be attributed wardrobe items that were in vogue in the period from the 20s to the 80s of the 20th century. That is why his best description would be "that were in the last century."
 Dress in the style of new look. This style creates a feminine image possessor of any figure. Wide skirt will hide full hips or, conversely, give the missing volume, and the belt will accentuate the waistline. Particularly advantageous to look in the ensemble of these dresses with gloves and a small bag of unusual shape. As for colors, there are no restrictions - it can be a cell, and peas, and large print in the form of flowers or geometric shapes.

Platform shoes or wedges. This form allows the heel to feel confident, even those who are used to walk on a flat sole. In addition, shoes wedges, whether sandals, closed shoes or boots, visually lengthens the leg and goes well with almost any style of clothing.

Sunglasses in a large frame. They allow you to make features smaller and sleeker, give it a puppet expression. That is why the image turns a little naive girl with such an accessory would like to shake hands, to hide cloak. Especially impressive looking glasses with large windows in the bright rim.

Bag bowling-bag. It has the shape of a semicircle, supplied by the diameter and equipped with a handle or strap. The main advantage of this bag is its spaciousness, despite its small size. In addition, it looks very elegant on the elbow and goes well with any style - from casual to vintage or cargo.

Jacket. Unlike classic jackets or cardigans, this article of clothing allows you to emphasize femininity and elegance of its owner. He is good in combination with trousers and skirts with different styles. Sleeve length depending on seasonal accessories things can vary from very short "torch" to the gourmet "three-quarters" or the classic "to the wrist."

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