You will not believe your eyes, believe stylists (stereotypes image)

 What once again say that the style (image) of each person, especially a woman - is an individual based on personal perceptions of beauty, to your own taste, manners, image, which shows the selected features, and hide unwanted.

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However, that did not work the other way round, it is necessary to approach the maximum responsibility to yourself and your style. By the way, it is in vain many people think that the image - this is only the external, but not the internal content of the subject. Men, on their own ideas, define two main types of women (of all time):
- Lovely, what a fool,
- The horror, what a fool.

Let them satisfied so small and is not an attractive option.
We will not pay attention to such impudence, and try to lull a variety of types and images, at least from this and will not change the essence of the male classification.

The proposed classification of the book "Me and my image" (by E. Vlasov and I. Nefedov) consists of the main types, which are characterized by external and psychological traits owner:

Business lady

Psychological portrait: energetic, purposeful, risk-averse woman. The desire to lead her prevails over the need to obey. Socially ambitious, sociable, seasoned. A sober look at things, realistic, able to manage the situation. Ambitious, determined, able to defend their point of view. Focused on success and confidence in their strength.
Such a woman is always collected, punctuality, initiative, critical (but not always self-critical). She likes to emphasize its independence, both personal and material. Her choice often defines "prestige."
The social role of "business woman"
Appearance: elegance, smartness, rigor, expensive wardrobe, grooming.
Person: lightweight, daytime makeup, emphasizing or eyes or lips, do not focus. The main thing - the naturalness and freshness.
Speech: a brief, clear and logical. Sure, sometimes overbearing.
Voice is not high, but loud.
Body Language: smooth movements, gestures, posture - collected, unstrained.
Style of dress: at work - simple, elegant business suit, quiet tones. Skirt length - office, heel - no higher than 7 cm. Outside of work - of their own taste, but with high quality and fashionable, so expensive.
Summary: business woman - a woman who at the sight of children playing in a pool does not think about the washing machine.
Example: Irina Khakamada.


Psychological portrait: strong person, accustomed to obedience and submission to employees. Follows the rule "trust but verify." Keeps everyone and everything is under control, not only in the workplace but also in the family. This woman always relies on the opinion that the only correct and subordinates should not and do not have the right to dispute. In dealing with these ladies men behave powerfully as in the workplace, hence the difficulty in relationships with the opposite sex.
Soc. the role of "boss"
Appearance: Overall - "not a woman, and Brest Fortress".
Person: in accordance with the latest requirements of emancipation - a measure of well-groomed, a natural measure. Always expresses confidence, even arrogance.
Body Language: broad, rapid step, gestures and facial expressions are usually expressive.
Speech: voice command often; not words, but orders. Increased tone.
Style of dress: to strictly conservative.
Summary: no matter how far woman came through the ranks, it will never become president. No woman admits that she is over 35.
Example: the heroine A. Freundlich in "office romances" to the office romance.


Psychological portrait: bustling and concerns lady with a heightened sense of responsibility for the fate of the Motherland. Her day begins with the moment when she opens her eyes: one minute she was stroking, soars, preparing breakfast, feeds her husband, children, a dog (cat, parrot and other domestic animals), not forgetting all this and even walk away for all. At work, she laid out the full program for themselves and other employees who, knowing its reliability, without any remorse hang on "horse" their duties. In the evening, she again at the post at the stove, sink, ironing board, etc..d. To rest himself from such persons almost no time. In spite of the ingratitude of others, both at work and in the home (such ladies often change their husbands), they believe that without their victims turn over and destroy all. Women of this warehouse naive, trusting, good-natured. Self-evaluation of this type of understated, representatives of self-doubt and little attraction.
Soc. the role of "working woman".
Appearance: Overall haggard and constant fatigue. Looks older than his years.
Person: groomed, relaxed makeup "on the go".
Style of dress: wardrobe is rarely updated, clothes on the principle of "cheap and cheerful" and "myself in the least," things are worn for decades and to the holes.
Accessories: full of shopping bags.
Summary: a woman wearing pants easily distinguished from males by the way she holds crowbar or sledgehammer.
Example: E. Safronova heroine in the movie "The Princess and the Bean".

Elegant woman

Psychological portrait: a woman who knows her worth. Often beautiful and rarely clever, so knows where and in what circumstances demonstrate both, one or the other advantage. Has a well-mannered, well-educated, artistic, feminine. Able to communicate and do it with pleasure. Its advantages are visible to all, but about the shortcomings knows it alone. Has a healthy self-esteem, allows to love yourself and others, but at a distance.
Soc. role: wife and a mistress.
Appearance: Very impressed overall well-groomed, sleek and chic.
Person: at any age without wrinkles, makeup and a bright evening light, natural day, expressive, but always without the frills.
Body Language: summary motion, smooth, moderately uninhibited. Smooth gait, posture noble line.
Speech: a wide range of voice modulation, correct, clear; voice low.
Style of dress: elegant, not always in the latest fashion, but with taste and individual character.
Summary: The coffee is not too strong, and beautiful lady - too weak
Example: Rinat Litvinov

Gray mouse

Psychological portrait: a modest, quiet, wild sandwiched shy. Invisible and shy in society, at work in the backyard. Uncommunicative, silent. Afraid to show their femininity. Compensates for his hidden life dreams, where it is completely different, just the opposite of himself in public. In the fantasies of such persons often reveal their inner world, which in normal circumstances lulled weight complexes and disadvantages, often imaginary.
Soc. role: from faithful wife to a friendly vests, which shed tears more fortunate friends.
Psychological role: "demure".
Appearance: inexpressive and invisible.
Person: often without makeup, with all traces of her life's journey.
Speech: calm, quiet, nothing stands out.
Body Language: clamped, stoop, head and eyes are often omitted.
Style of dress: simple and understated.
Summary: The lady in a loving childhood fairy tale of Cinderella, never find a prince, if old age is to believe in fairy tales.

Femme Fatale (lady vamp)

Psychological portrait: of course, beautiful lady, producing an impression. Her sudden impulsiveness and passion combined with a cold and sober calculation. Femme fatale keeps the tension of both men and women. If a man she admires and exciting, then girlfriend struggling with mixed feelings of jealousy and envy. Lady vamp usually all at the mercy of their desires. A man once honored her mercy, will wait in vain sequel. It may well be that it has not only lost his phone, but I forgot the name. Fatal ladies do not waste your time on trifles.
Appearance: sensuality, languor, charm.
Person: always a great makeup, bright lips, gaze.
Body Language: soft, free plastic. Accurate and expressive movement.
Speech: well-trained voice, intonation; meaningful phrases which indicate a good level of intelligence.
Style of dress: and emphasizes the dignity and imagination besets men.
Summary: It was cold as ice ... and just as quickly melted away.
Example: Joan Collins


Psychological portrait: mask emotional coldness, sophistication. Following the rules of the game, taken in the narrow circle of the elite of society, awareness of self-worth in this environment. Pride, even arrogance, especially to people outside their circle. Often selfish attitude to other consumer. Ladies this type of sophisticated intrigantki.
Soc. role: the girl from high society.
Appearance: Neat and shine. Innate gentility a mask or, if you like, part of the image.
Person: piercing eyes, arrogant.
Body Language: around following the rules of etiquette with elements of grace: straight back, smooth gait, lack of unnecessary movements.
Speech: overbearing, at the same time his voice quiet and calm.
Style of dress: expensive and elegant.
Summary: A woman who has never experienced any feelings of heat or cold feelings and nowhere is hungry or tired.


Psychological portrait: impulsive, volatile, emotional, obsessive ideas. Creativity - first and foremost. All new delights her. Dreamy, far from reality, in particular from everyday life, but not without exceptions. Completely illiterate in matters of economy and finance. Not organized and disciplined. She is constantly in search. Enthusiastically taken for all new and interesting, often without bringing the matter to the end. For bohemian characteristic impermanence moods, attitudes and behaviors. It is usually not interested in the opinions of others regarding her person. Communicates in a circle of creative individuals, ie, where is understanding.
Appearance: originality, eccentricity.
Person: live; make-up or at a minimum, or too much.
Body Language: swiftness in gait; lively facial expressions and gestures.
Speech: bright, imaginative, spontaneous, not devoid of humor.
Style of dress: clothing - solid eclecticism (heterogeneity of various styles); sometimes extravagance; sometimes - all black.
Summary: to succeed a woman should have a figure of Venus, mind Minerva, the grace of Terpsichore and rhinoceros hide.
Example: blue-eyed, leggy, sexy, charming Asya boom.

An intellectual

Psychological portrait: clever, ironic, logical. Observant. Well aware of life, but more from a theoretical point of view. Can give good advice and help a friend find a way out of any difficult situation. Her whole experience - it errors of others. An intellectual likes to analyze everything. Not emotional, not too sociable: a company with a book she feels more comfortable than in the company of people. Asserting itself more in science than in personal life.
Soc. the role of "teacher", "young scientist" in general - "knowledge workers."
Appearance: Very poor.
Face: on the forehead print 1-2-3 diplomas of the university.
Speech: logical, sequential, plenty of professional terminology; more listening than speaking.
Body Language: sharp, mechanical movements, gestures buying.
Style of dress: the appearance is given little attention. Sometimes, unfortunately, this type of ladies neglected art of wardrobe. The most common accessories - sunglasses.
Summary: Owl - a wise bird, but the eggs every morning still blows chicken.
Example: Jodie Foster


Psychological portrait: rigor, stiffness, conservatism, a strong tendency to follow the social. standards. Overestimated self-control, emotional dryness, restraint, pedantry. In this case, women represented type is characterized by accuracy, cleanliness, coldness and hardness in the decisions. External confidence hides touchy and vulnerable nature. Narrow social circle replaces the beloved domestic animals.
Psychological role: external and internal restraint.
Person: impassive, without makeup.
Speech: dry, monotone voice dies.
Body Language: stiffness, tightness even makes laugh.
Style of dress: soft, suits, skirts below the knee, all the buttons buttoned blouses, dresses.
Summary: spinster - old woman with her maiden name.
Example: T.Seminoy heroine in the movie "Lonely granted residence" (educational worker).


Psychological portrait: in character as clearly masculine traits: determination, independence, some aggressiveness and desire to be the center of attention, characteristic of any woman. The main difference of this type - deliberate erasure of external difference between a man and a woman. The ratio of men are based on the position of understanding, respect, love, friendship. This woman presents itself not as a sexual object but as a person held.
Appearance: General impression - something neuter not a boy and not a girl.
Face: Makeup either transparent or missing.
Body Language: relaxed posture, movement free, strong gait.
It is clear, clear and logical.
Style of dress: a complete lack of feminine bows, ryushechek, frills and kruzhavchiki. Strict style pantsuit. Jeans. Ascetic, but fashionable.
Summary: behaving like a man, do not forget to behave as a gentleman.
Example: Zemfira

Amazon (hunter men)

Psychological portrait: a few aggressive person, the meaning of life which is the process of conquering men. Conquest - the whole strategy to capture the enemy. When the prize is in the grip of hunter - he often stops her interested. Once the new facility once again make her stir. Similarly, women warms the soul the idea that the mind and the logic of women exceeds expectations and beliefs of men. Proving it - Hunter asserts itself.
Appearance: Attracting - worrying.
Person: makeup varies depending on the time of year, the situation and the object of hunting accessories to a particular social type.
Body Language: cat, mouse absorbed hunting.
Speech: a velvet voice, or cooing.
Style of dress: short T-shirt on his bare chest or something attractive, exciting.
Summary: a real woman does not keep account of his victories - is she a fighter pilot.
Example: Madonna to motherhood, Sharon Stone in the movie.


Psychological portrait of the heroine of numerous cartoons in housecoat and hair curlers - classic housewife whose way, thank God, in the past. Modern housewife - young, beautiful, well-groomed woman, dedicate more of his time housekeeping and child-rearing. Homework in itself is not so bad, but inhumanity alone. So often monotonous routine, the rhythm of life and a limited number of communication lead to boredom, laziness, loss of interest in life, and lower self-esteem.
Soc. the role of wife, mother.
Appearance: Very often attractive and well-groomed.
Person: almost no makeup.
Body Language: terse, clear home.
Speech: talking about prices, serials, recipes and favorite chadah.
Style of dress: home - that would be convenient in the world - that would significantly.
Summary: I agree that being a mother and housewife worthy choice of any woman, as long as it's her choice.


Psychological portrait: trusting, emotional and immediate lady. Burning with impatience and purely feminine curiosity, asking too many questions, mostly ridiculous. She is forthright and sometimes puts his interlocutor in an awkward position, however, without noticing it. The ladies of this type are guided only by their inner feelings, so the criticism go unheeded. They are careless and do not know how to learn from their mistakes, therefore, repeat them over and over again.
Appearance: different; recognized this young lady a few minutes of conversation, after which thoughts interlocutor: "Simplicity worse than stealing!"
Face: pure and childlike innocent look.
Mental abilities: brains, like Swiss cheese - a solid hole.
Body language: gestures actively, be sure to touch up during the conversation with her clothes confused.
Speech: sweet chirping.
Style of dress: Depends what mood - something perfectly, then - as horrible.
Summary: nothing gives a man as his hands. Nothing gives a woman as her tongue.


Psychological portrait: woman girl strongly emphasizes its romance and femininity. Mannered behavior, emotional, sometimes impulsively. Actions can not be controlled, categorical judgments. Opinions are variable, but always persevering.