Women: Marine print clothing

Women: Marine print clothing
 The collections of famous designers interest in the marine theme has long ceased to be limited to anchors and strip. Now tissues alive coral reefs, tropical fish, marine plants, octopus and even a mermaid. The ocean and its inhabitants have become a source for the most daring experiments designers with color, texture and shape of clothing.
 Along with sea prints are a real must have recent summers. To look spectacular in them, you must correctly combine them with the rest of clothes, shoes and jewelry.

Dress with intricate print in itself bright, not only in color, but also on the "character". That is why the image of overloading any decorations should not be, the more showy. Better to confine concise bracelets and rings with large mineral glass or some shade of blue. If we talk about shoes, the dress with sea prints perfectly complement the gold or silver sandals.

Dress-coat in the spirit of the seventies, kimono dress or tunic with sea pattern should be worn with sandals. Day of the image can be supplemented with a bag over his shoulder, and in the evening - clutch color, which is present in print.

Things to marine paintings are impressive look with accessories made of fine leather, silk and plastic zhatogo with a rough surface, like a wave. You should not get involved too much jewelry on the marine theme: a kit consisting of a blouse with colorful fish and a necklace with shells, would be a bust. Better to use plain accessories rich colors.

Colorful look trousers and skirts made of light fabrics with marine prints with latex tops that resemble gear scuba divers and surfers. Such a set of best worn with sports shoes.

Some designers are so inspired by the wealth of the ocean depths that many of their outfits resemble seashells. If you're ready for stylistic experimentation, feel free to include in your wardrobe dress-shell. Just do not overdo with accessories and decorations: Limit colored sandals or shoes.

Do not be afraid to experiment with sea patterns and remember that only in favor always the most unusual and colorful sets. However, about fanaticism in this case is better to forget.

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