Wide pants women 2010 PHOTO. From what to wear slacks

 What could be more feminine skirts and practical jeans? Of course, slacks, leaving the freedom of movement and emphasizes the benefit figure! In the season of spring - summer 2010 fashion again turning to this unique item of women's wardrobe, making new songs and styles. What kind of pants are all the rage this year and what they wear better acquainted with you women's magazine JustLady.

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Can we imagine that a hundred and fifty years ago to weartrousers for women was almost revolutionary thing? And that's great classic breeches have become pioneers in this field. Since then, a great variety of women's trousers, somehow emphasizes femininity, sexuality, flying and tight, outwardly indistinguishable from the skirt and is more like a military uniform.

SlacksRepresented in the new collections is difficult to give an unambiguous definition, every designer created according to your taste and inspiration.

The most innovative models can be seen atChloé - Hannah Mc Gibbon, head of the fashion house, is a public-piece pantsuits, free from the shoulders to the feet, but at the same time tough style, reminiscent of ancient Roman garb. To give your outfit more feminine, Mac Gibbon choose pastel colors: pink, beige, cream, chocolate and decorate their delicate accessories: bows, pleats, ruffles.

Should pay attention to the advantageous combination of shiny and matte fabrics such as satin and chiffon, different kinds of silk. Complementswide women's pants in this collection of elegant slim leather strap buckle miniature.

Wide pants women 2010 PHOTO. From what to wear slacks

pictured: wide trousers from Chloé

DesignersCelineAs before, the true classic style: all shades of gray, fine natural fabrics, folds from the hip with arrows. Kwide women's pants this fashion house offers an equally classic white blouse with tight sleeves and a collar, tucked into the waist and covered with black belt.

Wide pants women 2010 PHOTO. From what to wear slacks

pictured: slacks from Celine

Even closer to the classic creationsYves Saint Laurent: White and graywide women's pants in combination with topom sleeveless plurality of small vertical ryushey same color. Overestimated waist belt without undisguised. Such a pantsuit offered sandals with wide straps that mimic the geometry of the top.

Wide pants women 2010 PHOTO. From what to wear slacks

pictured: slacks by Yves Saint Laurent

Collections young EnglishmanOsman YuzefzadyRecognized as one of the most successful fashion designers in recent years show us a woman in white - completely white, without any pastel shades, apparel. The geometry of the clothing is very tough - straight and semicircular lines, thin gold applique and trim shoes - we are transported to Ancient Egypt. And hereslacks - Literally the foundation of mainstream collections. Do they direct Osman, translucent, with pockets and long folds.

Wide pants women 2010 PHOTO. From what to wear slacks

pictured: slacks from Osman Yuzefzada

Slacks collectionOssar de la Renta 2010 - short and comfortable in ethnic style, with fringe and tassels. Designers offer them a hard coat in the same colors, transparent white blouse. Cropped trouser legs in combination with three-quarter sleeves, green color in perfect harmony with light brown leather sandals and shoes.

Wide pants women 2010 PHOTO. From what to wear slacks

pictured: slacks from Ossar de la Renta

Alexander Wang considersslacks a very different point of view. His collection of 2010 - in a joking sporty style. Wide belt is tightened on the usual sports eyeballs, "working" lapels, sports stripes on the sides. It is surprising that at first glance, comfortable and practical pants are feminine and light in his performance. Alexander is not afraid of unexpected fabrics: sports stretch, shiny varnish, rubberized fabric.

Wide pants women 2010 PHOTO. From what to wear slacks

pictured: wide trousers from Alexander Wang

Slacks not only give elegance female figure, but also hide its shortcomings, the only question is how to skillfully choose the fabric and the image. However, this article of clothing has its own characteristics. First of all -what should wear slacks? This should be a top or a small, short-sleeved shirt, turtleneck discreet, but nothing surround, lush, has many folds and ruches better not to wear.

Choose small accessories - bag of medium size, decorating in the semi-circular or oval shape. Little things can also look strange in combination with large volume trousers they can be ridiculous, so it than a small bag clutch, wide sandals than shoes. In the geometry of the image preference is given to horizontal rather than vertical lines, colors - muted, very bright slacks look sometimes rather vulgar.

Pay special attention to the shoes:slacks suggest a steady foot: it may be a small platform, a heel, but not a stud. Acute socks will also look strange, but semicircular give elegance. In cool weather fling spacious jacket or coat, it is desirable that they were of the same tone or a semitone darker. It is not necessary to wearslacks short jacket or bolero.

When you select need to be especially careful - really spacious trouser legs hide the visible flaws, but it is important to choose the right material: lightweight silk or, conversely, heavy woolen fabric with free fully delineate the cut line of the hips and waist inflated suggests a lack of even small wrinkles on the skin .

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