What is it that means glamor

What is it that means glamor
 In the last ten years on television and in the pages of fashion magazines often uses the word "glamor". However, not everyone understands what meaning it carries in itself. Someone thinks that the word means something elegant, someone - a secular lifestyle. Some tend to believe that it is the ability to turn into an expensive and exquisite useless and useless things ...

Here, truly, opinions exactly the same number of people, especially on such a mysterious concept. The term "glamor" joyously fluttered out from Hollywood, originally meaning parading luxury: expensive furs, sparkling ornaments, rich easy life. Against the background of restrained classical standards aristocracy - good manners and modest elegance - the audience, of course, immediately took the glamor as the embodiment of a beautiful life. The Russian high society and today he is regarded as the highest level of secularism, and sometimes declared the sole purpose for which is worth living.

However, over time it became clear that people invest in the concept of glamor different meaning. Some, as mentioned, see it as a luxury gloss, glamor identify with slang "gloss". Others - like artificially created image, giving the opportunity to improve their social importance in the eyes of others (in other words, to put dust in the eyes). And finally, the most widely loved by the townsfolk glamorous image: fascination, perfection, personality, style moderation.

Glamour - a concept that applies only to women. Glamour girl in all circumstances looks impeccably dressed fashionably, but not pretentious. Glamour clothing suggests slight hint of retro, mandatory accessories and jewelry, all in strict accordance with the dress and feel. Shoes with high heels, as well as well-groomed appearance - mandatory conditions (however, today the concept of grooming and beauty are considered synonyms). Glamour - is a natural beauty, elegant and seductive.

The townsfolk have not yet agreed on the concept of "glamor", and there was already a new term - "neoglamur." Moscow claims to authorship bytopisatelnitsa Lena Capricious, which puts him in a special sense, denoting how rich famous people desire to ennoble their appearance and way of life, despite the glamorous Moscow ineradicable habit of loudly to all roads. The famous socialite adds: "The deliberate modesty - this is a habit that most difficult to learn."

In a few words we can say that "glamor" - is a luxury (but restrained), sexuality, beauty, flawless appearance and wardrobe. And what else? Everyone decides for himself.

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