The most popular models of dresses for prom

The most popular models of dresses for prom
 Prom Dress - the apogee of school life for any girl. That is why it should be comfortable and stylish. When choosing a dress, not only the modern fashion trends, but also the features of the figure.

The choice of dress model depends primarily on your figure. If you - the owner of a small growth, then you are ideal for short dresses with high or, conversely, low waist. It is better if it is sewn from two materials - for example, made of silk and tulle. If you are tall, you are very fit elongated dresses made of light, flowing materials. High girls do not choose clothes with large patterns - they are usually heavier figure. Owners plump forms should pay attention not to the one-piece dress, and separate options - for example, top and skirt. The most optimal length - midi. It is not necessary to choose clothes with bright patterns on your figures will look more organic plain fabric. A bright accent can be added using a catchy stole or light scarf casually draped over his shoulders.

When choosing a dress to be considered and modern fashion trends. For example, a favorite of the season will be white. In a fashion evening dresses that are copied wedding style. Mod will look white dress trimmed with antique lace. Also at the peak is a simple cotton dress to the floor, as well as loose dresses, shirts, which can be combined with men's belts and shoes on high heels mind-blowing!

Another win-win situation - light dresses with floral patterns. Stylists say: "Times hippies come back."

Equally popular dresses of silk and chiffon. Preference should be given to bright, rich colors: orange, turquoise, yellow.

Do you want to surprise everyone at the outlet? Then pay attention to the model dresses, crochet. Favorite, again, is white.

When choosing a dress model and do not forget about the accessories that are beautifully complement your outfit, it will add flavor or spice - depending on what kind of impression you want to make on others.

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