Retro style: everything is new - well forgotten old

Retro style: everything is new - well forgotten old
 Style retro styling includes clothes, sometimes full, sometimes quite conventional, under the fashion trends of the past. He was and remains relevant and popular, both among women of all age groups and among the designer who constantly refer to this direction in his work.
 To address this style, wanting to create an image for the solemn occasion. Is unlikely to be appropriate to the appearance of the city's disco girl, as if descended from the silver screen sixties of the twentieth century. But for exhibition or theatrical performance such image will be appropriate and well received by others. Cases and partying, fully stylized 'retro'. In this case, even the appearance of a lady in a fur boa or a hat with veil will not look ridiculous.

Choosing retro for yourself, it is important to clearly understand to what time you turn age, as this style does not allow mixing.

For example, a sign of fashion twenties and thirties of the last century are relatively short skirts, sleeves, wings, bonnets, pills, shoes with a round toe, mesh stockings. Long chains with pendants, strongly up eyes - is also part of the fashionable image of those times.

Diorovsky famous "New Bow" too often becomes the subject to follow the modern fashionistas. This fashion feminine dress with a distinct narrow waist, tight bodice, neckline and pretty reasonable fluffy skirt. Fashionable colors in the "peas", small floral ornament, rather narrow strips. Classic shoes with heels of medium height.

Sixties and early seventies was held in the spirit of the famous outfits sex symbols of those years - Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot. Tight dresses, frank cutouts, high heels and bouffant hairdos "pompadour" characterize the fashion of the time could not be better. In the make-up is dominated by pale lips and eyes "arrow".

Fashion "hippie" is also reflected in the wardrobes of modern girls. Denim pants and jackets, decorated with multi-colored embroidery and fringe - the basis of this trend in the retro. Beaded jewelry, handmade baubles, woven bags complement the image of the supporters of this period.

Turning to the retro style, you can find an endless variety of fashionable ideas. Every woman can choose from a variety of what she liked and adapt for her figure and developed image.

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