Proper for a walk without a bra?

Proper for a walk without a bra?
 Bra or bra - a mandatory subject of women's underwear. Wear it for medical reasons is recommended for all women. However, there is the question of propriety not to wear a bra, and when you can do without?
 Wearing a bra is recommended for all women because it does not allow the breast to sag, protects it from various adverse effects and helps keep your posture. In addition, the undergarment emphasizes shape of the breast, lifts it and makes it more visible and beautiful. However, not all can be comfortable bra for women.

Discomfort when wearing a bra most experienced girl with small breast size. They find it difficult to choose the right size bra, and often it just hangs down and get in the top clothing. Fortunately, there are situations where you can not afford to wear this undergarment, and it will not be considered indecent.

In the cold season, when you put on a lot of things, sometimes you can not afford not to wear a bra, if it gives you any inconvenience. However, make sure that that your chest was safe shelter, otherwise there is a risk of catching colds.

Do not wear a bra in the summer has become commonplace for many women, but it has yet to be aware of some decency. It is not recommended to appear in only one thin shirt without a bra in public areas. In addition, it is important that the fabric T-shirt or shirt was neprosvechivayuschey.

Exception when a bra can be neglected, apply to nursing mothers. This is due to the special sensitivity of the breast during this period, often painful. But better yet buy a special bra for the lactation period.

If you go to the beach, the bra can be even more than if you, for example, you want to just take a T-shirt and sunbathe topless. However, in this case it is important to make sure that there is not prohibited. Better just to choose a quiet place to avoid undue attention from others.

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