Military-style clothing: who fit?

Military-style clothing: who fit?
 Military style, otherwise referred to as the military, emerged at the beginning of the last century, when the abundance of forms after the war influenced the formation of civilian clothes. Today it is one of the areas of fashion, no less popular than others, and has its own peculiarities.
 This type of clothing is versatile and is somewhat similar to the style of unisex. Therefore, we can say with certainty that no contraindications to wear such clothing are not allowed, it is only necessary to correctly choose it, focusing on the age and social status.

The main coloring is camouflage and all other shades that mimic the army uniform. But do not think that clothing in military style is determined only by color. The distinctive characteristics are also considered a style and fabric used. It should be fairly thick and coarse.

The greatest scope for action military style of opens for young girls. At this age, it may be the most radical manifestations, until the army camouflage t-shirts or massive shoes. It will not look rough, but on the contrary, emphasize the youth and femininity. Such clothing is suitable for an active lifestyle and helps to express your style.

Middle-aged ladies should pay attention to coat or jacket on a style reminiscent of his overcoat. Such things can be seen on many shows, and they are distinguished by a certain angularity and sharpness forms. Clearly defined shoulder line makes them a little aggressive.

Perhaps the only restriction to wearing military style is fullness. Accentuated waist and narrowing of the thighs may be not the best solution for this type of figure. This also applies to women who have expressed shoulders, they also should be emphasized further.

Fashion is democratic and actively combine offers clothing in military style with everyday things. For example, to jeans ideal jacket with massive pockets, large buttons and slots at the rear. Pants with lots of pockets and flaps will look good with the usual knitted shirt. So do not be afraid to experiment, and then the appearance will always be original.

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