How to sew a suit for women

How to sew a suit for women
 Previously jumpsuit was only working clothes. Despite this, it has become a fashionable trend nowadays. Of whatever fabric you may sew overalls, he will always be comfortable, practical, and will emphasize the dignity of the figure.
 Take sew overalls elastic twill, stretch in the transverse direction or another fabric made of cotton or mixed fibers with or without elastane. Cutting two shelves and two front and rear halves. Then follow the two parts of the back, two front straps and back strap folded. Make four parts, two patch pockets and sleeves.

Stitch darts on the shelves, and the back half of the back detail. Zautyuzhte tucks depth to the lines and before the middle of the back, to the middle line of the seam. Sew the shelves to the front half and back to detail - the rear. Allowances zautyuzhte up.

Follow the shoulder and side seams, and then - step sections. Sew slices cut from the label to zip and without interrupting the line, do the back middle seam. Razutyuzhte allowances stitches to step rounding. Perform on the bar side seams. Allowances for the lower and upper edges zautyuzhte on the wrong side. Place the bar in the overall alignment along the line, sour cream or jokes and over longitudinal edges scribbled in the region.

Treat neck. To do this, fold in half lengthwise slash Bakey, outward face. So folded sew it to slice the throat. In this case, the fold should be based on the suit of one centimeter below the seam. Cut allowances closer to the line. Bakey swept out to the wrong side and topstitch the neck.

Sew zipper. Zautyuzhte allowances for slicing boards inside out. Sew the zipper so that it was not visible teeth. Tuck the ends of the ribbon at the neck.

Follow the seams sleeves. Zautyuzhte allowances on the wrong side and topstitch at 1 - 1 5 cm. Stitch sleeve priposadiv OKATO. Back and delay the shelves along the seams stitch sleeves. Allowances hem zautyuzhte on the wrong side and topstitch at a distance of 1 cm.

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