How to learn to dress stylishly

How to learn to dress stylishly
 Ability to dress like art. Woman feels irresistible, if it can correctly choose clothes, shoes and accessories, combining them with each other. Learn this easy, but not impossible.
 Dress stylish means to know the latest fashion trends, as well as its classical canons, which include a combination of fabrics, colors and other important aspects of selection of clothes. Do not rush to buy things that flash on the catwalks and magazines. First of all, consider yourself in the mirror. Critical eye to identify those areas that need to cover, as well as those that are worth emphasizing.

Do not forget about the features of the figure, choosing a new thing. If fashion is causing the imaginary, and your feet do not allow them to open too, is to abandon this skirt. Always remember that following fashion should not turn in pursuit of her.

For tog to monitor trends, buy and peruse fashion magazines. Do not be amiss and monitoring displays leading fashion designers.

Learn the classic combination of colors, styles define the items of clothing, favorably emphasize your figure. Choose natural fabrics, pleasant to the touch and does not cause allergic reactions.

Before proceeding to the choice of attire, think about where you are going and where can it be. In the office preferred business style, a walk is better to wear something comfortable, well, party give play to your imagination.

Skirt length is chosen according to your figure, pants should not be too broad, not too narrow. The upper part of the dress - shirts, tops - you need to buy for your skin tone, eye and hair color. Be sure to make sure that they are combined with pants and skirts that you wear.

Tops should not stand out from the general style. Do not wear jackets with dresses and coats with a sporty suit.

The final step in creating a complete image - the selection of accessories. These include shoes, bags, belts, jewelry. They can liven up a boring sweater or completely ruin an elaborate outfit. If you prefer neutral colors in clothes, then you will approach bright accessories, which accents. But if you decide to go in a red dress, in this case, better to choose accessories in black, that is not distracting attention to themselves, color.

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