How to dress stylishly

How to dress stylishly
 From the side often seems that some women elegance granted again. They are able to carry even the simplest things so that everything admire their impeccable style. Most often, refinement and taste really difficult to copy. Yet elegance in clothes can be learned.
 To create an elegant style, start by building a basic wardrobe. It can enter pencil skirt, classic trousers made of thick fabric, fitted jacket, white shirt, cream-colored turtleneck, boat shoes, trench dress-case, woolen cardigan. With its enclosure such things, you can easily combine them together and complement the right accessories. Picking up a basic wardrobe, make sure that each item perfect sitting on you, because elegance is not possible without an internal sense of comfort.

Gradually acquired some things that will complement your basic wardrobe. In this case, you can navigate to the recognized style icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Carolina Herrera. Every time you get this or that thing, ask yourself whether this is appropriate item in the wardrobe of a truly elegant woman.

Elegantly crafted accessories. Discard the trendy jewelry in favor of discreet and stylish jewelry: strands of pearls, fine bracelets, fine rings, exquisite brooches. Get a few good shawls and scarves, belts made of leather. Particular attention should be given to shoes and bags. These things are no longer necessarily have to be combined with each other in color and texture. But they certainly should be of high quality and in harmony with the basic outfit.

If you have the slightest doubt about the fact whether the thing looks elegant, abandon it. When choosing wardrobe should focus not only on the style, but also in the way of wearing clothes. You should avoid too open and fitting things, short skirts, low-cut open the stomach. Ideally, the clothing must cover the shoulders and back away from the body by 3-4 centimeters. Underwear in any case should not shine through.

Elegance implies not only carefully selected wardrobe. Well-groomed hair, perfect manicure and pedicure, healthy teeth, beautiful skin - all integral components of the image of an elegant woman.

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