How to dress at a low growth

How to dress at a low growth
 Depending on the build, growth and individual parameters person is a wardrobe. Of course, the clothes are selected according to fashion trends and tastes.
 Low people just show clothes in a vertical strip, as it tends to slim figure and visually lengthen it. The same function can perform vertical seams, finishing lines. For example, jeans with vertical seams make the legs longer. But with other geometric shapes on the clothes need to be extremely cautious (for example, a jacket into the cell better put aside).

It is generally recommended to choose plain things, as the contrast is very often emphasizes the low height of the individual. Dark brown and caramel tones impressive look for the reason that visually lengthen the silhouette.

The ideal option for small women dress is a fitted style, flowing fabrics, vertical creases on it. Too long models (to the floor) should be avoided, it is better to choose the length to mid-calf.

Length pants are selected according to the height of the heel. Necessary to achieve the effect of visual loss border between the foot and the heel, which further adds centimeters your growth.

Particular attention is paid to accessories, due to which it is possible to emphasize low growth or, conversely, to visually enlarge it. Any decoration is advisable to choose an oblong shape. About the big earrings, bulk bags and wide belts is better to forget. Miniature size are ideal for your height.

Of course, the easiest way out is to choose shoes with high heels. But do not abuse it, so as not to disrupt the proportion feet. The optimum height for the heel is 5-8 cm.

In no case should not choose a skirt to the floor, as it significantly shortens the legs and violates the body proportions, voluminous sweater, horizontal ornaments, large drawings. Due to this, it focuses on the low growth, and horizontal stripes will add an additional amount, making a person much thicker than it actually is.

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