French style of dress: comfort and chic

French style of dress: comfort and chic
 It is difficult to give a precise definition of the French style, it is impossible to describe the Russian or American style of dress. It represents the ability to combine complex material colors and textures with interesting art and accessories to wear simple things with royal dignity.
 While viewing pictures of ordinary French women always thought arises that they prefer simple and practical things. However, they do not look boring as skillfully arranges color and texture accents with accessories - scarves, bags unusual shape, belts or hats.

In addition, they are actively interested in fashion, but not blindly follow all the new trends. Each has its own unique French style and adheres to the rules developed in the choice of clothes, adding to your wardrobe only those new items that allow you to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide flaws.

Also the hallmark of French women is the ability to choose quality items. Most likely, they will give up 10 questionable cheap blouses in favor of a simple turtleneck made of cashmere. But, with a wardrobe such universal thing they can create some very interesting images, skillfully complementing toilet jewelry, gloves and scarves, as well as combining it with different styles of skirts and trousers. In this case, the true pleasure of visiting with French fashion boutique, but will not hesitate to come and flea market in search of unique brooches or hats.

Street French fashion may seem conservative, but this is not true. Each French clearly separates from the classic old-fashioned and never wear the thing, the former ultra-popular a few seasons ago. But in her wardrobe for a few years will be hanging dress-holder, pencil skirt and short jacket in the style of Coco, and every time these things will look at it in a new way.

It is the ability to remain faithful to each other and the selected image most accurately describes the true French style. This talent women of the Fifth Republic to cultivate for decades, so they have a lot to learn.

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