Bra dream: a push-up and 5 ways of fastening straps

Bra dream: a push-up and 5 ways of fastening straps
 Push-up bra cup has a special shape that beautiful breast lift and hold its shape better. This is achieved through the use of foam pads, gel inserts or silicone material. However, not only did this cup bra is extremely popular. Played a major role straps can be fixed in different ways.
 Huge advantage of bra cups with push-up is its versatility - is wearing underwear can be almost any clothing. Due to the removable straps that securely fasten a variety of ways, the push-up is perfect for cleavage of different forms, as well as an open back. This makes it possible not to use silicone straps, which is particularly uncomfortable in hot weather.

The first method

Standard attachment straps at which they are located on both shoulders. Due to a fairly wide distance between them, which is typical for this type of underwear, bra sits perfectly on the body, and most importantly - the straps are not visible in a large chest.

Second method

Long shoulder strap goes around the neck and fastened between the cups or to them. This option is ideal for dresses or blouses with English armholes, shoulders, at which remain open. Thanks to this arrangement of straps can not be afraid to lose underwear while dancing or during other active movements. It also eliminates the silicone straps on the shoulders that do not always look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

A third method

Fixing straps over one shoulder with a party. This option is ideal asymmetrical dresses, opening one of the arms.

The fourth way

The long straps attached to the front of the cup and goes sideways on the back. With this push-up bra will remain invisible under your clothes to the same location with the straps.

The fifth method

Crossing straps bra. They can be arranged in a similar manner on the back, or vice versa, on the chest - it depends solely on fashions. This allows you to hide underwear under her dress, the top of which is sewed in the form of straps arranged crosswise.

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