Beauty in a dream: how to choose a women's pajamas

Beauty in a dream: how to choose a women's pajamas
 If you like to sleep in the warmth and comfort, be sure to get cozy pajamas. A variety of styles nightclothes huge. You may prefer a three-dimensional model with fleece or air negligee, summer suit with a mini-shorts or long version for the off-season. The main thing that you liked pajamas, was quality and served as long as possible.
 The first thing you pay attention - style pajamas. For the warm season will approach a set of T-shirts and short shorts or French panties. In the cool of the night, you will be comfortable in your pajamas from soft viscose jersey with pants to the knee or mid-calf and topom with short sleeves. Well, warm cotton fleece model with long sleeves and is useful for the winter.

Stand out from the elegant silk pajamas. If you want to buy a set, choose only natural fabrics with a small percentage of synthetic fibers. Synthetic satin looks beautiful, but highly electrified, stick to the skin and has poor hygroscopicity. It is not necessary to stop the choice on the sets of translucent nylon - they scratch the skin and is very uncomfortable to sleep.

Note coloring. Bright models look very nice, but before you buy a blood-red or piercing-blue pajamas, consider whether you get tired of this shade in a few days. Perhaps the classic linen colors will be more appropriate. Fragile girls are very gentle melkotsvetochnye patterns and large ladies should prefer plain model or pajamas in longitudinal stripes.

Not to be mistaken with a choice, buy pajamas in good lingerie store. Thing does not necessarily have to be expensive - quality nightwear brand produced various price segments. Before buying pajamas desirable to try. Select the correct size. If linen sewn from pure cotton, it can get after washing. In this case you should buy pajamas size larger.

Look carefully at the fabric up to the light. It should be uniform, without thickened fibers and color streaks. Rate the softness of the material and finish - lace, Beek, decorative inserts. Pajamas should not be too large and convex buttons and other bulky items. Check how well sealed seams - this is especially important for silk pajamas.

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