Wide hips: what to wear?

Wide hips: what to wear?
 Sometimes even diet and sports can not make female hip narrower. Every woman's figure has its own characteristics. Do not despair even if your hips are too wide, you can make them visually already. To do this, choose the right clothes. So, wide hips - what to wear?  


Modern women love the pants. It is convenient and practical. However, in this type of clothing must be approached very carefully. If your hips are too wide, choose pants with a wide trouser legs. Very slim fit slightly below normal. Side pockets are not needed - such models make hips wider. Do not buy narrowed trousers and pants with high waist. Remember that the back pockets not only visually enhance the buttocks, but also hip.


The skirt is a purely feminine garment. It is a beautiful skirt in conjunction with shoes makes a woman so sexy. When choosing a skirt should give preference to models having the shape of the letter A. The length does not matter, but we should look closely at the midi-skirts. Wear a skirt better with the shoes of classical type on a low heel. As for color, then you can use any dark or too bright colors. Skirts, strongly narrowed down, pleated skirts, skirts with pockets - such models are not suited to owners of wide hips.


Selection of dresses in the stores today is huge. On what to choose for those who want to make their figure slightly slimmer? Very good on women with wide hips look dress with a constricted waist and slightly flared at the bottom. Various details on the collar, sleeves, chest will detract from the thighs of women. Details on the waist and hips, various folds and assembly are not necessary.


Coats - an indispensable article of clothing that women wear in all seasons. Should prefer coat of the same shape as the skirt, i.e. in the form of the letter A. This coat having a length of three-quarter masks excellent thigh. Coat with wide lapels and shawl collar look great on women with wide hips. Coat with such details, which expands the chest and shoulders, and hips in them look less bulky.

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