Wedding shoes: comfort or beauty

Wedding shoes: comfort or beauty
 Wedding - is not only one of the most important days in the life of two people loving each other, filled with gifts and greetings, but reception, long journey through the city, many of the most various competitions and, of course, many hours banquet. And almost all the time the bride will have to spend on your feet. So her wedding shoes should be beautiful and comfortable at the same time.
 If you absolutely do not mind the fact that all day you have to spend on high heels, safely choose this type of footwear. High Heel perfectly accentuate the grace and elegance of your image. Prepare to be that in order to do this you have to work hard. Do not forget that the higher the heel of your shoes, the more visually reduce the length of your dress.

In the scenario of your wedding dance program includes a rich or a plurality of mobile games and contests? Then make your choice on shoes without heels or ballet flats that can save you from thinking about fatigue. In them you will definitely be able to fully enjoy all the marvels of celebration. These shoes will be the best option for brides whose wedding will take place on the waterfront or in a forest glade.

If no heels you can not live a day if you are aware that their absence may not the best way affect the status of your feet during a wedding celebration, prefer platform shoes. This option is suitable especially for brides, I understand that spend the whole day on his heels will be impossible difficult, but not willing to give up the opportunity to emphasize the elegance of its gait.

Girls opt for short wedding dress, you should look at the shoes wedges. With this shoe slender bride will emphasize the ease and elegance of its shape, and low in girls shoes wedges become visually above.

Remember that the texture of your dress should be in perfect harmony with the texture of wedding shoes. Patent leather pumps are an excellent complement satin dress. To pick up along with rhinestones shiny shoes with inserts. A lace and ruffles will be advantageously combined with delicate shoes.

The choice between beauty and convenience can not be easy. And before you make a truly correct decision, weigh all the "pros" and "cons". Remember that the pursuit of fashion should not spoil your mood in such a crucial and memorable day - the day of your wedding.

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