The choice of wedding shoes

The choice of wedding shoes
 Wedding shoes that you will choose for your wedding dress should be a wonderful addition to your image, and to create the epitome of which have to work hard.  
 The choice of wedding shoes - it is very important and responsible. Take him enough time, do not rush, because in this wonderful day you have to enjoy the atmosphere of a wonderful celebration, and not think about what bad shoes you picked up your incomparable along.

If you have decided that the wedding will be in a long dress, try to observe the following rule: dress, given the height of the heel should be above the floor by 2 cm. Its length customize after choosing shoes. It is believed that the heel height should be inversely proportional to the length of the skirt. The shorter your dress, the greater must be the heel.

Often brides think that the shoes have to be a heel. In fact, such arguments - very misleading. If you normally do not go on his heels, when buying wedding shoes do not experiment, prefer the model of the height to which you are accustomed.

Plan your trip to the shoe store so as to try your favorite couple in the afternoon, as often in the evening slightly increased the size of the feet: affects stress during the day. Furthermore, the choice can affect the time of year. For example, for a summer wedding should buy shoes slightly larger or completeness.

When choosing wedding shoes should be noted that the white color has a huge number of shades. Gathering in a shoe store, do not forget to take a tissue sample wedding dress, so as not to make a mistake and choose shoes that are optimally suited for color.

To make sure your image was complete harmony, pick shoes to match the style of the dress. Ideally decor dresses, hats and shoes should be performed using the same element. For example, in the case where an elegant dress decorated with pearls, crystals, etc., such jewelry must also contain shoes and veil. However, it is important to comply with the measure, so they look thin, elegant and appropriate. If your dress is luxurious and full of spectacular items, prefer concise and very comfortable "boat". Light sandals, beaded, will be no less beautiful addition to an outdoor summer wedding dress made of light fabric with embroidery.

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