Star style: overalls

Star style: overalls
 In the season of spring-summer 2012 than ever popular overalls - and short and long. Fashion, of course, ask the stars. They flaunt in overalls on the streets, cafes, restaurants and even on the red carpet. Designers even put up for sale fashion collections, which include various styles of this type of clothing. However, in order to figure overalls looked perfect and only emphasized the dignity, they must choose wisely.
 First overalls could be seen even in medieval Europe. Then they were worn by actors traveling theaters - clowns, clowns, acrobats. It was connected with the fact that it is one jumpsuit clothing that does not restrict movement and allows you to perform complex circus tricks. As the fashion trends this kind of clothing migrated mainly to children's wardrobes. Then overalls have become indispensable clothing for workers. And only with the 30s of the 20th century they slowly began to arouse interest in women. In the 70s of the last century overalls are experiencing a rebirth. This is due to the popularization of the musical style of "disco" and the incredible popularity of the Swedish band ABBA. Cyclical nature of fashion brought the clothes to the peak of fashion this season.

Long pants, open top and short tapering leg cut, combined with long-sleeved top - these models are now favorites of the world podiums. A love of the world to explain their overalls and concise at the same time the ability to emphasize femininity and hide figure flaws. Therefore, to wear such clothes can even ladies sufficiently complete to build. The main thing is to choose the right model.

Obese women stylists recommend pick overalls asymmetric cut - such as, for example, with halter top on one shoulder. It is also possible to play with the color. Large and bright prints in this case is not forbidden. Due to the flowing fabrics and loose laying down those extra pounds "melt" right before our eyes.

In addition, the stylists have developed a number of recommendations, how to properly wear overalls. If your model pants are wide, it is very critical need to evaluate the upper hand. It should be as open and bare shoulders. Otherwise, this will turn into a simple jumpsuit uniforms. If the choice falls on women jumpsuit made of cloth "denim", the model should sit perfectly on the figure. Otherwise, a woman easily confused with workers from a nearby construction site. Overalls with a deep neckline and corset should choose only those ladies who can boast a gorgeous bust.

As for color, fantasy here is not limited. Today, in a fashion riot of colors. You can wear a suit with a pattern, shiny, with inserts, etc. The only thing to consider when choosing a bright clothes - this accessory. If you want to wear bright kobminezony, they should not be too colorful and large, otherwise you can be like a crow. Large mono-decorations are ideal for clothing made in one color muted shades. So accessories will emphasize the elegance of dress and make the image complete.

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