Star Style: Leather Clothing

Star Style: Leather Clothing
 Leather clothing is implacable wrath of animal rights, but at the same time - the admiration and adoration of fans of fashion. This is one of the most luxurious materials, which looks noble, even after years of wear. Choose clothes from the skin not only ordinary people, but the stars.
 Leather clothing appears again in the summer and winter collections of famous designers, and star fashionista immediately picked up the trend. Among lovers of skin may be noted Nicole Richie, Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman, Kristen Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow and many others. Incredibly sexy leather dress surprise Miley Cyrus and Eva Longoria, and Brew Barrymore and Katy Perry prefer bright leather skirt.

The resulting trend can be divided into three areas. Firstly, it is vintage and retro, a combination of different textures, form-fitting models, convex reptile skin. This direction is different severity of colors and muted shades.

Also popular is a brutal style - is usually aggressive images: black leather pants and shorts, black leather jackets in different colors. Often, the skin is combined with denim, faded T-shirts, metal accessories.

The third direction of the trend - feminine model. Clear forms, minimalist top, skirts, bright colors look very feminine and original.

Choosing a style for yourself, pay attention to the combination of form and texture. Mix and match the skin to other tissues, use its different types: suede, nubuck, nappa, kid, velor and others. Look stylish leather corsets - they can be worn with skirts or slacks. Today in fashion color leather: kipelno white, bright orange, terra-cotta, salad, purple, blue.

To avoid irritation after prolonged wear, always wear a leather dress cotton top. If still you do not perceive as casual leather clothes, accessories, choose from this material: handbags, shoes, jewelry.

Do not forget - the skin will look elegant for many years with proper care only for her: Regularly clean the brush guard in the expanded form, do not dry in radiators.

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