Star style: Jeans

Star style: Jeans
 Stars not every day strode down the red carpet in a mind-blowing outfits and chic jewelry. They also walk with the kids, go shopping and meet with friends in a cafe. And they are dressed is not in an evening dress, and in the most ordinary jeans.  
Classic jeans for many years did not hand over their positions. This is not surprising: they are practical, beautiful and beautifully sit on any figure. Note the bright classical models, which prefers to Jennifer Aniston. Minimum of makeup, a little disheveled hair and simple jeans make it a young girl from a neighboring street. But the actress over forty!

Many years and narrowed down tight jeans are the most popular trend in the world of stars. They look perfect and high-heeled shoes, and with a spanking, and ballet flats. They are combined and simple t-shirts, and designer blouses. Olivia Wilde, Lucy Liu, Miranda Kerr and many other famous girls prefer this model of jeans.

By early 2012, flared jeans burst onto the catwalk star. They are romantic, elegant and looks great on a slim figure. They are appropriate to appear at an event, and a walk with the dog. No wonder the ladies flared prefer such as Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba and Heidi Klum. Put these jeans with bright jacket and platform shoes, and you will be irresistible!

Make a hole
Jeans with holes and slots look cheeky, sexy and always modern. Several seasons star does not change his favorite pair of jeans. Holey pants can be seen on Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian and Gwen Stefani.

Fashion jeans with a pattern and color prints is gaining momentum. What are the only pictures you will not see jeans stellar beauties: bright, huge flowers Rihanna, geometric patterns, Nicole Ritchie and small flowers Lindsay Lohan.

To become like a star, not necessarily to buy shoes by Manolo Blahnik and bag from Louis Vyutton. Enough to buy exactly the same jeans, like your favorite stars and you get close to the ideal.

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