Shocking in moderation

Shocking in moderation
 Remember the famous singer Lady Gaga. This pop diva is the bearer of the proud title of today's flamboyant personality. And she is not alone in this, especially among musicians and other public figures. So what is shocking, and whether it is necessary, even in moderation?

People are constantly in contact with shocking in all its manifestations. Shock surrounding - then defied all boring and ordinary. Shocking - it's bold, bright, brightly, regardless. In the dictionary of the value specified as follows: a scandalous trick, pointedly calling, shocking behavior contrary to socially accepted ethical, social and other standards. After reading this definition, most people perceive shocking as something negative, destructive morality. Blame and dislike of outrageous insolence caused, sharpness and audacity of such antics.

Often outrageous personality represent their appearance and lifestyle rudeness, vulgarity or aggression. However, to achieve the long-awaited effect they manage easily: draw attention to themselves, others provoke the reaction. Shocking the audience, the very character does not think about what will be the impression is positive or negative. Most importantly, it was. The more emotions cause people person flamboyant appearance and manners, the more successful he can be considered a "performance". Stormy discussion is the presence of shocking in today's society. Some people consider it a destructive factor in shaping the wrong values ​​and break the structure of society. Others, however, are aware of the need for a controversial personalities to deal with mediocrity, passivity and apathy of contemporary humanity, which advances provided favorable conditions for life. The uniqueness of the "anti-social" personality is the ability to think outside the box and wide, its aspiration to realize the talents and abilities.

On the other hand, people with original thinking sometimes too obtrusively demonstrate their originality, it already looks too cheap and ridiculous. Excessive outrageous indicates only the inner inferiority of his vehicle, that person probably could not achieve in life what he wanted, so has created for himself a way that puts him in the company up a notch.

So what are the conclusions? Firstly, shocking should be natural, it is not necessary to invent and strum, he must go inside. Second, shocking people should not act to the detriment of others. Their actions should be limited in scope. Shocking is not anarchy, chaos, or an expression of cruelty. Such individuals would be best to prove himself in acting, to be creative or to devote their energies for the benefit of mankind. Third, outrageous, most likely, by itself carries no negative. It all depends on how it will be shown and used. Moderate and skillful outrageous, do not transgress all existing borders, can not only amaze and intrigue, but also give the public a lasting impression.

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