How to determine your size

How to determine your size
 There are many systems of women's sizes. In Russia, the most commonly used Russian system of measure by which you can determine the size of your American and European clothing and shoes. Clothes need to measure the girth of the chest, waist and hips, and the shoe - the length of the foot.

In the Russian system of measurement is a key yardstick poluobhvat chest. It is unlikely that you will independently carry out precise measurements, and therefore need to ask for help from a second person. Tape need to spend on a horizontal line around the body, through the protruding points on the breasts.

To determine your size as accurately as possible, use a new measurement measuring tape. To carry out its necessary so that it fits snugly to the body through the measurement. Do not allow slack, but not much, and tighten the belt. During the removal of measures necessary to make the girl was dressed in underwear or light clothing. If breast girth is 80cm, then it will be considered the size 40, if 84 - 42 size, 88 - 44, 92 - 46, 96 - 48 etc. G.

In a similar manner necessary to measure waist and hips. Waist measured at the narrowest part of the abdomen, while the thigh at the widest point. If waistline - 62 centimeters, the resolution is 40 if 66 cm - 42 m and size. D. If hip girth is 86cm, the size is 40, if 90 - 42, 94 - 44 etc. G.


Leg measurement is best done in the evening, as its size increases towards the end of the day due to a rush of blood. Before measuring dress socks. It is best to measure 2 feet and then we take the greatest impact.

Put your foot on a piece of paper, stand on it and drag your foot with a pencil, holding it vertically. Measure the distance between the extreme points of the figure and round the value obtained in a big way. This result will be your foot length.

If your leg is 22, 5 cm, it is equivalent to the size of 35, if 23 cm - 36, if 24 - 37, 24, 5 - 38, 25 - 39 and so on.. Remember that the Russian system size corresponds to a common international standard size footwear.

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