How do I know the size of clothes

How do I know the size of clothes
 When purchasing clothing, try to try it: same sizes from different manufacturers can vary greatly. Good to know your exact size clothing if you buy things without trying - through catalogs, online store, ask someone to make a purchase without you.
 You need to measure its parameters - so you can determine the size of its Russian. Learn thereon foreign sizes are also not difficult. Clothing size by Russian standards depends on three parameters - hip ratio, waist circumference and chest circumference. Undress to their underwear, take a tape measure and make measurements. Chest girth measure on the most protruding part - on the blades and nipples, waist pomerte without pulling tape and hip girth measure on the most convex part of the buttocks.

Take a table of Russian clothing sizes, substitute back their value and size. If your performance falls between two values, choose more. To the top of the clothes better focus on the chest. If you want clothes sitting on you free or expect shortly to recover a little (for example, during pregnancy), then add a couple of inches to their performance and match the size.

During the selection of clothing and consider the originality of its shape - if you are small and narrow shoulders, then clothes (blouses, tops, jackets) should be smaller. If you have wide hips and narrow shoulders, then choose the size of the thighs, so clothing is unlikely you will be small. But watch and for a style - in those suits, which clearly outlines the shoulders, you can lose. Try to pick up a similar set of different models of different sizes.

If you buy clothes on foreign websites, then consider and growth - have sizes for different rostovok (usually it happens that you have to take a jacket one size and trousers or skirt of another).

German standards of clothing depends on growth - they are denoted by Latin letters and each letter has its value growth in centimeters (eg, K-156-163 cm). To get the size of the German, it is necessary to take away from the Russian 8: 46-th Russian size corresponds to the 38th German.

American clothing sizes are designated by Latin letters, and you can define your substituting their measurements in the dimension table. You have to pre-translate centimeters to inches, as the British and American options are calculated in them.

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