Clothing and accessories in the style of glam rock

Clothing and accessories in the style of glam rock
 This season became fashionable clothes and accessories in the style of glam rock. Separately, glamor and style bikers and musicians are known to all. And here's how they look together? What you can combine these things?

What are they - clothes and accessories in the style of glam rock? This fine vintage items with the addition of brutal paraphernalia - chains, skulls, paper clips, etc. This can be a pink dress in lace, bodice is decorated with shiny black skin. Or delicate necklace of white pearls, combined with a rough white metal chain. And bracelet with beautiful artificial flower planted on a thick flap of skin not treated.

 Clothing and accessories in the style of glam rock is hardly suitable for wearing in the office. If you really want to be at the height of fashion, pick up too cause brooch or necklace. Small stylish thing perfectly decorate a boring work wardrobe. But from lace dress with skulls or long skirts with chains at work should be abandoned. You want to be perceived as a responsible, reliable worker? Therefore attire should be appropriate.

 For a hike to the party stylish glam rock clothes fit perfectly. Just do not dress up at once in all things fashionable wardrobe. Select one thing. It can be fitted jacket with studs and straps, combined with a simple short dress without ornaments. Or pants with zippers, supplemented by plain white T-shirt. Focus on one item of clothing, so you will not look like a Christmas tree.

 Accessories in the style of glam rock look great with vintage clothing. Wear long straight dress with lace skin tones. Complement its necklace of ribbons in tone, with small artificial flowers and rough chain. Pants- "bananas" compatible with a wide loose blouse and pin it to the large metal cast. Most importantly, the whole image looked harmonious. Try to combine different items of clothing and footwear. Fill them with all sorts of accessories. Then you will find your own style that will not tolerate the metes and bounds.

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