Warnings for the use of essential oils of neroli

Warnings for the use of essential oils of neroli
 Neroli essential oil obtained from the flowers of bitter orange, is considered one of the safest means in aromatherapy. It has a wide range of indications, primarily antidepressant and sedative properties. However, be aware that any essential oil is a therapeutic agent and requires compliance with certain precautions. Even such a benevolent, as neroli.

Before use, be sure to check neroli essential oil on individual tolerance. To this dilute one drop it in 1 ml of fatty oils such as corn oil or olive, then apply to the wrist area and observe the condition of the skin during the day. There should also be an olfactory test: Apply a drop of neroli on a piece of paper and a few times to breathe. If for 10-20 minutes does not appear discomfort or irritation of the nose - you can safely use oil.

Neroli fragrance has a pronounced calming, relaxing means, so if you need concentration and a clear head, better to postpone this essential oil to the time when it's time to relax. Gipotoniki, beware! This tool reduces the pressure, and you can fall into drowsiness.

Neroli reduces anxiety, improves mood, and therefore is a known aphrodisiac. You should be careful with this fragrance, if your plans are far from frivolous and playful, but include communication with others. Otherwise you run the risk of the use of oil of neroli opposite effect and pretty perenervnichal.

Famous authors of books on aromatherapy, such as TA Novoselov and VV Nicholas, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight immediately after use oil as it can aggravate sensitive skin. A colleague S. Mirgorodskaya advice, if there was a dark spot in the skin due to sun reaction to fragrance, apply to this site in the form of a poultice tablespoon of yogurt mixed with two drops of essential oil of rose. Spot a couple of weeks away.

Remember that essential oils in their pure form can not be used inside. This also applies to oil of neroli. Be sure to mix it with honey, jam, some drink, if you decide not limited to outdoor use. And do not overdo it, otherwise you can cause euphoria or confusion.

When depression is effective massage with aromatic oils of neroli or composition with its use. But Sh Price aromatherapist advises to pay attention to the degree of volatility of the essential oil. Neroli has a low volatility, and it should not be confused with other similar - incense, ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose, patchouli, sandalwood. But it is possible to choose the composition of one or two essential oils with high and medium volatility.

And remember that a serious problem with using aromatherapy can not be solved. Neroli not cure you of depression and not eliminate the psychological complexes. Do not overestimate the effectiveness of assistive devices and be healthy!

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