Fighting jet lag

Fighting jet lag
 The human body is designed so that all the processes it focused on internal biological clock. The slightest deviation mode of existence, such as the transition to winter or summer time, affects the well-being, and not for the better. What can we say about the long flights when you have to cross several time zones.

The greater the number of time zones flying man, the harder it will be to recover from jet lag. If you are flying to the east, your already slow the biological clock slows down even more. According to the standard formula, the number of time zones, divided by two, will give you the number of days needed by the body to recover.

If you are flying to the west, you will recover as many days as you get by multiplying the time zones 2/3. As an example, take the six-hour flight, from which you recovered 3 and 4 days, respectively. Not too happy picture.

After all, this means that all of these days you will feel tired, sleepy, suffer from headaches, have difficulty with digestion, and even about the health and opportunities to focus the question. The older the person, the harder it passes its adaptation. Absolutely avoid jet lag, still called dzhetleg, can not be avoided even for experienced travelers, but you can try to soften its effect.

Fight syndrome begins before traveling. Gradually accustom your body to the new regime. Before flying to the east go to bed early, and before traveling west lie the contrary, later than usual.

On the plane, drink more water and less coffee and alcohol. Try already in the air to adjust his regime under the one that will have you in the place of arrival. That is, if you are traveling east in the early evening and you land a couple of hours in the place of arrival, in which vengeance boils morning next day, force yourself to sleep on the road. This can help you a mild sedative and sleeping pills.

Even with the busy schedule, try the first day after landing paid holiday. If you have the opportunity to purchase the drug to the melatonin content freely sold in the United States and certain other countries, be sure to use them. Even a small dose of it for 2-3 hours before bedtime will help to minimize the effects of dzhetlega, and the next day you will feel fresh and rested.

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