Causes of Depression

Causes of Depression
 Depression - in the modern world knows this firsthand. This is a depressed state, accompanied by a deep sadness when any trouble seen in black light. Often during the depression people start to move and speak more slowly than usual. But what causes depression? Why is this depression was a common concept? Depression - is not just a bad mood it this morning, and serious illness.

Depression, according to doctors, can be caused by two types of reasons. This external and internal reasons. For example, the loss of life of something very important, constant stress and psychological stress - is the most common external causes. Also drive them into depression quite capable of surrounding that impose high demands to the man, and he is unable to satisfy them. Or in order to meet the bar, he has to exert too much effort. This kind of depression may develop in students, high school graduates, especially before exams.

Maybe so that major changes in a person's life, not initiated by him, and adverse circumstances, plunged him into depression. Not all easily under pressure of the world to change their lives and well-established habits, especially when human life was all arranged.

Condition can be caused by depression, reception of some specific products. The instructions in side effects such consequence is sure to be described. Usually doctors, appointing a drug that can seriously affect the mental state of the patient, prescribing also something that compensates for this unpleasant side effect. Prone to depression may even be genetic, being transferred by inheritance.

In women, causing depression, including, and hormonal changes. Menopause, postpartum depression - all common syndromes. Also, depression can occur with hormonal malfunctions in the body, for example, disorders of the adrenal glands and the thyroid gland.

In life, there are several critical period, when done kind of transition. In particular, all known so-called "middle age crisis", which occurs in about 30 years. People correlate expectations on his own account and reality. As a rule, the difference is quite significant, and the man plunges into despair, and then can begin depression. In this case, the cause of depression may not be clear to others, who believe that the people in my life "took place", because it's good. But no one behaves cruelly and harshly to the man, as he himself in relation to himself.

Another reason for the depression rather paradoxical, it consists in the fact that people just reach in order to strive for. It seems to have everything - and then get upset? But dreams were fulfilled, more dream about, but everything was somehow not so.

If you suspect that you have depression - see your doctor. This condition is characterized by the fact that the person ceases to adequately assess themselves and their surroundings, seeing everything in black light. Himself out of depression can be very difficult.

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