Anxiety and stress. How to cope with illness

Anxiety and stress. How to cope with illness
 To survive in this world, it is necessary to match the rhythm of life. In the pursuit of success we make our money depression and stress. How to cope with them and help yourself get out of this fight victorious?

The modern world - a solid race. We are constantly on the move: once stop, look, what is going on around. People have no time. At work, the accelerated rhythm: one meeting after another. We are trying to earn more that is overtaking, "last train". And the situation is no better at home: cook, watch TV, check the lessons in children, washing machine clothes, talking on the phone. All at the same time. Modern technology set temp.Cheloveku have to live in a state of physical and emotional overload. Accumulate fatigue develops into a steady stress.

The first bell is chronic fatigue. The man gets up in the morning not rested. There is irritability. Starting headaches, increase or decrease in weight. Possible insomnia. Manifested suspicion, apathy or excessive bravado. What to do?

Firstly, it is necessary to stop and cease to run. Help yourself only you can. It would not be a good aunt or uncle who come and decide how you live. Life Saving ... more you know. Stay one night that you dedicate yourself catastrophe happens.

Think and determine what is causing your biggest concern. In what reason anxiety? Throw out nonessential, such as "I am not learned English," or "I do not quit." This is certainly unpleasant, but not a cause for depression. Maybe do is to abandon some ideas, not to drag the burden of excessive problems. You are on this will not be worse. And life will become easier.

Identify the main problem. Now imagine the most bad-case scenario. Get over it, think about what you can do in this case. The output is always there, just some solution to the problem we do not like. Now, create a sequence of actions with good cards, keep it in mind. Do not forget that thought is material.

Perhaps you are concerned about gossip colleagues. Do not worry about it. So you're interested in. "Dead dog, do not kick." Stop blame themselves for past mistakes. In the world there are no perfect people. Take note of their mistakes and move forward without looking back. Success is not far off.

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