8 signs of depression

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 "I have depression" - complains the man who has lost interest in bygone joys of life and fallen into persistent pessimism and depressed mood. This condition can be caused by difficult situations, prolonged physical and mental overexertion, stress. But temporary, albeit painful psychological experience, the usual breakdown must be able to be distinguished from a serious mental illness prerequisites.

Depression as a disease has many faces. It can be a long and short-term, direct and indirect, which flows in a relatively easy (functional) form and severe neurotic, which without treatment is often completed suicide.

What should be alerted to the "settings" of the body, what changes in the health, psychological state should pay attention to time to recognize the origin of the disease? There are many symptoms of depression.

1. Persistent headaches - one of the symptoms. But this feature is also characteristic of other diseases: inflammation of the meninges, migraines, eye diseases, inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, etc. Need to pass the necessary medical examinations and find out all the possible causes of headaches, reliably determine its character.

2. Depression does not shy away from the spine and health. Pain in the back cause great discomfort, similar to the symptoms of sciatica and degenerative disc disease. If and to the depressive syndrome man had pathologies associated with the peripheral nervous system, it will only grow worse.

3. Depressive affect the state of the muscles and joints. They also start to hurt. This is understandable, since the disease affects the somatic nervous system of the body that controls the muscles of the body and provides a link organism and the environment.

4. Pain in the breast are also characteristic of depression. They accompany many nervous, cardiovascular disease. All diagnoses should be specified separately.

5. Depression affects the state of the autonomic nervous system, which controls the internal organs, glands and provides them metabolism. Therefore, patients have digestive disorders: diarrhea occurs (or, conversely, constipation), nausea.

6. Depression is accompanied by a sense of enduring fatigue, which leads to physical and emotional exhaustion. This does not relieve fatigue nor sleep, nor respite in their work. Rest in depression becomes conditional - it does not bring joy and relief. Lost still active in communication. Clearly seen the desire to be alone and to limit contacts.

7. Insomnia - the most exhausting companion depression. The reasons she is again set (from the side effects of medication to thyroid disease), but depression - one of the dominant reasons of sleep disorders. All doctors account for their more than 80 species. This difficulty falling asleep, short or shallow sleep, etc. Symptomatic "morning fatigue" - a feeling of weakness, lethargy and impotence after awakening. Hypnotics in the normalization of sleep often do not help at all. This is an alarming signal.

8. When changes in patients with depressed appetite. At one he lost, that provokes a rapid weight loss. Others lose their sense of proportion in food, eating out mode ("seize stress") and significantly gain weight.

If you set these attributes becomes a system, it is imperative to seek medical help.

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