What to do to not turn green with motion sickness

What to do to not turn green with motion sickness
 Vacation, holiday, travel - for most of us, these concepts are inextricably linked to the movement by car, train or plane. If the road does not cause you any discomfort, you can only congratulate. And what about those unfortunate who only thought about truck can cause dizziness and nausea? Let's see what the motion sickness and how to deal with this nuisance.

Motion sickness, or kinetosis occurs while driving due netrenirovannosti vestibular apparatus. Vividly motion sickness occurs during non-uniform traffic when the vehicle is accelerated, then slows down. In this case, there is an infringement of interaction between what we see and what happens to our body - this imbalance and leads to symptoms of motion sickness.

A person affected by seasickness, first appear fatigue, weakness, drowsiness. Then they were joined by dizziness, stomach discomfort, intolerance of odors, and if it is not provided timely assistance to the next stage of its expected nausea and vomiting.

Prevention of motion sickness and seasickness includes several basic principles: not eating and smoking during the trip, the correct choice of transport, and the use of drugs for the treatment of kinetosis.

If the trip is going to be short, it is best to do nothing there, either before or during travel. In cases where you can not do without the "bite", try it to be easy, fast utilizable food. Do not eat on the road alcoholic, carbonated beverages and milk - all of them much heavier for seasickness. Quench your thirst with juice, juice or plain water without gas.

Choose a transport position, the least exposure to acceleration. In a car or bus, take the front seats, and be sure the direction of travel. On the plane, you will approach a location close to the wings and on the boat - in its middle part, close to the waterline.

Do not smoke while traffic and do not allow smoking your fellow travelers - pungent smells are also able to provoke an attack of seasickness.

If you are sure that during the trip you are waiting for a health problem, you can purchase pre-drugs against motion sickness. Today in the pharmacy you can find a variety of drugs that facilitate the condition of people exposed to motion sickness. Despite the fact that these drugs without a prescription, before applying them you should consult with a specialist. The doctor will recommend a tool that is right for you, recommend dosage and frequency of drug administration.

Of great importance is the mood with which the person goes on a journey. Pleasant memories, self-hypnosis and confidence that all will be well, to help you cope with the impending attack of seasickness and ward off pain.

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