Terms of vitamin C

Terms of vitamin C
 Vitamin C - a useful thing. Advised to take it all: and pregnant and sick and healthy, and young-growing. But how to do it right? After all, surely there are some restrictions on the number or admission rules. Are investigated in order.

Let's start with the fact that vitamin C (or, more simply, ascorbic acid) is indeed very useful for the human body and has a beneficial effect on him. It accelerates recovery, enhances redox processes in cells and tissues and affects the growth. Therefore, the basic rules of taking this vitamin depend, first of all, what kind of lifestyle you lead and what is the state.

The sick and people with weakened immune systems need vitamin C is much more than healthy. Although the daily consumption rate of 100 g, this dose can be significantly exceeded if a person needs to quickly recover or regain strength. Overdose should not be afraid, because excess vitamin C is easily excreted. But if you are greedy and to reduce the dose, the immune system will have a much harder. Sometimes, however, an allergic reaction to ascorbic acid in large quantities, so I swallow the vitamin tons better not.

To keep your body in good condition, vitamin C should be consumed daily. If you do not get sick and do not have problems with immunity, there is enough sour fruits or berries. A lot of vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, tomatoes, different kinds of cabbage (especially broccoli), as well as currants, kiwi and red pepper.

But if you have a deficiency of vitamin C, or it is not absorbed by the body, disrupted bowel problems with the gums, skin and hair. On the lack of use of this vitamin can also say obesity, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, insomnia and fatigue. Therefore, if you are concerned about any of these ailments, perhaps you just need to eat more oranges or over the counter vitamin preparation with a high content of ascorbic acid.

I must say that vitamin C is sensitive to heat treatment of food, sunlight and smoke. Therefore watch carefully how you prepare food before to use them for food. Smokers, by the way, you need to follow a special diet because vitamin C in their body breaks down much faster than everyone else.

In use of vitamins, including ascorbic acid, should comply with the measure. Eat more fruits and overall rich in vitamin C, drink fresh juices and more visit the open air, to accelerate the process of assimilation. Take care of your health and take care of him every day.

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