Partial denture. Pros and cons

Partial denture. Pros and cons
 The name of this type of prosthesis is derived from the German word "Bügel", which means "arch". Clasp prosthesis metal arc presented, which helps a person to evenly distribute the load between the teeth and the mucous membrane.  

Prosthetic dentistry, first and foremost - is to return the natural functions and appearance of a smile. Today, dentures are affordable and easy to use.

Partial denture favorably differs from others in that it applies to the support and fixing not only the gums, and teeth; but rather uncomfortable plastic sky using a thin metal arc. Is not a plus? Thanks to this denture becomes more compact, durable, aesthetic and durable. However, partial denture is of two kinds: for the castle and clasp fastening.

We clasp clasp fixation of the prosthesis will be using special clasps (hooks). They will seal around the tooth, without giving reference to grind teeth. Minus in this type of attachment is only one - not too aesthetic appearance of metal fastenings.

Designs using interlocking fasteners, unlike clasp, almost imperceptible. Prosthesis itself in this case consists of two parts: the first bridge is located on a sintered, and the second - on the removable frame. Thus, after fixing and snaps into the castle itself, it turns almost completely fixed structure that allows to redistribute pressure on the abutment teeth under crowns.

In prostheses with a locking mount has other advantages over clasp. For example, the best recovery of chewing and phonetic features, aesthetics and durability and reliability. If you properly care for them, you can use them for at least ten years.

A definite plus clasp dentures lies in the fact that when they are worn you will not experience any discomfort, and care is not very complicated: there is no need to remove them at night, just need to be cleaned regularly with a toothbrush. Furthermore, the data will be completely prostheses distinguished from natural teeth or your transparency or color. And the secret of his clasp dentures will know only your dentist you.

As it turned out, these prostheses absolutely no cons, because even their price today is not too high, clasp prostheses available to almost everyone.

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