Life without headache

Life without headache
 Millions of people suffer from constant headaches. The reasons for this can be many: disgusting ecology, bad heredity, nervous stress, and so on. D. How, then, not only to get rid once and for all from migraines, but also to prevent its development in the future?

Surely some get rid of a headache by means of numerous pills, which often do more harm than good. Actually analgesic drugs induce a lot of side effects. There is even a fair statement that applies to many synthetic drugs, "one treats the other cripples." Fortunately, there are a variety of non-traditional methods of dealing with headache and migraine attacks, which are much more efficient than tablets.

Knead the clay by adding a few drops of sandalwood oil. Apply a wet and chilly paste on the forehead, letting it dry completely. Then remove with water.

Pasta cooked flower Mucukunda also helps relieve headache, which is localized at a specific point.

Mix dried ginger, musk root, bark, pine and willow-herb. This composition has excellent ability to quickly relieve headaches.

A migraine attack can be prevented by cleaning the airways and strengthening the blood circulation. To do this, grind bark clove pepper and mix it with melted butter, and then use as nasal drops.

If the headache is caused by the symptoms of a cold or respiratory diseases, then bury your nose in the juice of aloe. By the way, mix it with honey plant, it is possible to use it for food. This will prevent the further development of the common cold and, as a result, get rid of headaches.

In the same proportion take cloves, almonds and cinnamon. Grind them, adding a little water. The resulting paste was applied on the forehead. After a while, the pain will recede.

If you mix one-third teaspoon ground cloves with a small amount of cinnamon oil and apply this mixture on the forehead, tying the neck with a wet towel, then the headache subsides.

Many of these ways of dealing with headache taken from Ayurveda - the ancient Indian Vedic system of medicine based on the interaction between man and nature. If you want your life to be without a headache, then stick to these tips, minimizing the intake of synthetic pills. Try also often visit the open air and to respect the day.

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