How to treat pain during menstruation

How to treat pain during menstruation
 Pain during menstruation know almost every woman. They can mess up a significant part of life, deprive the health and joy. To the critical days lost their tenderness worth comprehensively send its forces to their relief by folk remedies and exercise.

1. Drink chamomile tea. Thanks to amino acids, which in large amounts it contains, your muscles relax, and pain is reduced. Sweeten specific taste of chamomile and honey. Drink several times a day instead of the usual tea and coffee.
2. Parsley is a natural analgesic, so feel free to add it in every possible salads, and sprinkle it hot dishes. Apart from the main effect of parsley bring excess water from the body, which usually accumulates during menses.
3. Warm compresses and heating pads help with painful menstruation. Apply a few times a day at a time to the warmer lower abdomen or compress them to cool.
4. massaged clockwise at a slow pace perfectly help you to remove particularly acute pain. Ask to massage your belly someone from the family, if you feel yourself in excessive weakness for this activity.
5. In no case do not take a bath in these days, but do not be amiss to spend 10 minutes under a warm shower with not strong jet. After the procedure, dress warmly, trying not too cold, and go into a heated bed.
6. You can also prevent painful periods, taking a daily bath with sea salt. Water should be warm, it is enough of one cup of sea salt. Take a bath for 20 minutes every day before and after menstruation.
7. From the most simple and effective exercise, which relieve pain during menstruation, is the following. Lie on your back, it's better on a soft flat surface. Bend your knees and clasping their hands, press tightly to his chest. Try as much as possible in this position relax. You will need for this exercise about 15 minutes, then return to starting position.
8. Simplify your diet, trying to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, berry teas and broths. Avoid any irritating foods, such as meat, spicy, sweet and fatty foods, starchy foods, and alcohol.
9. But you can eat a few slices of dark chocolate. Many women this way helps, but not get carried away and do not eat the whole tile at a time.
10. If you have a cat or a cat, they can become your household healers. It is known that a cat can treat pain, therefore, lying in bed, hug your cat, and when doing chores, try as often as possible to touch her and stroking the fur.

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