How to talk to a psychologist

How to talk to a psychologist
 Sometimes in life there are problems that it can not cope on their own. Working together with a psychologist can help get rid of difficulties. But on the first visit to the specialist can be difficult to decide. If you have overcome the internal barrier and decided to go for consultation, a second question arises: how to talk to a psychologist.
 Your doubts and worries are understandable and explainable. It is difficult to a complete stranger to reveal his soul, to talk about the problems you are disturbing. It seems that if a person really and he can not understand that his so worried, scared, especially an outsider will not be able to understand and help. But this stranger is a professional who is engaged in the business faces an uncertain life situations of others. Identification of the problem, its origins and the way out - his task and work.

Do not forget that a consultation with a psychologist takes a certain time (usually 50 minutes), so be prepared for this in advance, and consider whether it is a single or a meeting will mark the beginning of a rate. For the first meeting, try to formulate the goal of your treatment and the problem that would be solved. If you feel that you will be very excited when talking, write down on a piece of paper as a plan of his story. This will allow you to be more calm and confident in the fact that you did not miss anything.

The conversation usually always starts psychologist. He asks the customer questions as are necessary in order to get an idea of ​​the man and that his so worried that it led to the consultation. Gradually move the dialogue into a monologue client. And here I want to mention one very important point: Be honest and sincere when talking to a psychologist. Only then the key to successful psychological help. Even the best specialist can not help you if you hide something, speak the truth, to play a role. Frank story about yourself - it's certainly not easy. But psychologists from the stories of clients fold objective picture of the situation that bothers a person who has come for consultation.

During his story about yourself person can take a comfortable position for him on a chair or in a chair, can stand or walk around the room. In this case, better to turn off your mobile phone, as a sudden call can disrupt the established between the client and psychologist atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding.

Be prepared for the fact that a psychologist can ask you questions not quite comfortable, but they should try to answer as a specialist not curiosity clarify some facts. He makes it clear to clarify the issues and to effectively help the person to find a way out of the situation.

The client has the right at any time to stop the consultation, if anything, in his opinion, cause discomfort. But at the same time remember that sometimes only through a painful situation analysis, life, human actions can find solutions to problems.

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