How to take Apilak

How to take Apilak
 "Apilak" - a preparation containing royal jelly. Means prescribed for reduced lactation, for the treatment of hypertension, in recovery from illness and in some other cases.
 "Apilak" comes in the form of rectal suppositories (0, 005 g) and tablets (0, 01 g). Candles advantageously administered to children, the dosage as the active substance several times lower than in tablets.

Means refers to bio-stimulants. "Apilak" stimulate mental and physical activity, tones the nervous system, enhances lactation and increased pressure.

Take "Apilak" only after consulting with your doctor. Adults appoint 1-2 tablets three times per day sublingually. Tablets resorbed slowly until completely dissolved, not bite. The average course of treatment should be from 7 to 14 days, if necessary duration of therapy may increase.

 Children are encouraged to enter candles 2-3 times a day. The duration and intensity of treatment depends on many factors, therefore prescribed the drug alone is not recommended. Firstly, "Apilak" increases the pressure, which may adversely affect the health of the baby, and secondly, the means, though mainly contains herbal ingredients, but can still cause harm.

In most cases, the drug was well tolerated. Rarely have sleep disturbances, but after discontinuation of treatment all normal without any corrective therapy. "Apilak" can not be applied to persons suffering from Addison's disease, and are hypersensitive to bee products.

Keep the packaging of tablets in a dry place no more than 3 years, the air temperature should not exceed 8 degrees. Shelf life of rectal suppositories less and is 2 years from date of manufacture. Take medicines that have expired can not be, as the active ingredient and auxiliary components for this period of time is destroyed, which can lead to poisoning.

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