How to deal with premenstrual syndrome

How to deal with premenstrual syndrome
 Hormonal changes in the body that occurs before the onset of menstruation, affects a huge number of women. Some of them feel a slight discomfort, but someone knocks PMS permanently from the normal rhythm of life. In severe cases, without medical care can not do, but with the individual symptoms is quite possible to cope at home.

Premenstrual syndrome varied. They are recognized as the physical condition of the woman and the psychological. In most cases, the symptoms begin to appear 5-7 days before menstruation, and to top it grow to such an extent that cause concern not only for the woman herself, but also her family. Most often PMS symptoms fade away in the second or third day of the menstrual cycle, but it also happens that the malaise persists throughout the period of bleeding.

A distinctive feature of premenstrual syndrome - cyclical. Discomfort occurs monthly and is manifested by symptoms such as mood swings, excessive temper, decreased performance, headache, discomfort in the breast, nausea, swelling, acne, etc. Creative women more susceptible to PMS, but the severity of the syndrome depends on other external factors, such as infection or injury, which occurred shortly before the expected menstruation.

Struggle with PMS should be comprehensive and include both treatment of individual symptoms and therapy aimed at improving the psychological state. During this period, more than ever, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle: as much as possible to avoid alcohol, smoking reduced to a minimum. Particular attention should be paid to food, which should be rich in vitamins and essential minerals. Equally important is the proper rest, in particular the eight-hour sleep. You should not overextend yourself extra work, it will only aggravate PMS symptoms.

To improve the psychological state can resort to relaxing treatments such as massage, warm baths with herbs and sea salt, swimming in the pool. In severe cases, psychotherapy can help. At night, it is desirable to drink soothing herbal tea with lemon balm or mint.

Help to improve the physical condition of medicines. It is not necessary to endure excruciating headache, nausea and other adverse symptoms. Surely you know how your body reacts to PMS, so in the home medicine cabinet shall always be necessary medicines.

In severe cases, you must still consult a doctor. Sometimes it can be assigned to hormones and other serious treatments.

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