How to check blood sugar

How to check blood sugar
 The level of glucose in the blood is one of the most important indicators of carbohydrate metabolism. Doctors recommend donating blood sugar for people older than 40 years at least 1 time in 3 years. For patients with risk factors for diabetes, multiple studies is 1 once a year. Diabetics have to measure the glucose level from 1 per month to 5-7 times a day.
 Determining the level of glucose in the blood - a rather simple analysis, so it is held in almost all laboratories in the public and private health institutions. The study does not require special training, the only limitation is that doctors do not advise to donate blood sugar after a big feast, which occurred on the eve of the study, as the results are likely to be false.

Blood sampling for analysis is performed on an empty stomach, because eaten for breakfast food will give a picture of elevated levels of glucose. It is not recommended to drink even before the procedure because coffee or tea without sugar even contain carbohydrates fissile in the gastrointestinal tract to glucose molecules.

For the study of 5-7 ml of blood is taken from the cubital vein. The results are evaluated as follows: glucose levels considered normal 3, 3-5, 5 mmol / l, the deviations are considered as hypoglycemia (5 sugar, 5 mmol / l).

For the determination of glucose may be used blood from a finger. The droplets were placed on a special test strip, and then put the strip into the meter. After a few seconds the display shows the level of blood glucose. Glucometers are usually people with diabetes who are on insulin, because devices easy to use in a domestic environment.

The average blood sugar over the past 2-3 months can be identified by the value of glycated hemoglobin (hemoglobin alpha 1). A norm accepted value of 4-6, 5% of the level of free hemoglobin in the blood. The research is conducted only for patients with diabetes because to determine the glycemic healthy man enough conventional research results.

An indirect measure of blood sugar levels is gyukozuriya (glucose in the urine). When blood glucose

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