How do I know cholesterol

How do I know cholesterol
 Cholesterol capable deposited on the walls of arteries and vessels, interfering with normal blood flow. To check the level of the substance in the blood, it is enough to pass a special blood test. But there are others that are visible to the naked eye are signs of excess cholesterol in your body.
 Start with a critical analysis of their appearance in the mirror. Do you look at your age? Keep in mind that premature aging occurs due to the deterioration of blood supply to internal organs and skin due to vasoconstriction due to cholesterol plaques.

Rate the percentage of gray and normal hair on his head. Premature graying is also a sign of atherosclerosis caused by excess cholesterol.

Consider the skin of the forehead, eyelids, palms. If you notice a small yellowish spots on these parts of the body, painless and dense to the touch, you should pay attention to their health. Such regions are likely to include deposits of cholesterol in excess is in your body.

Pay attention to the earlobes. The diagonal or vertical folds, therein indicate hypercholesterolemia, i.e. High cholesterol in the blood plasma. This is evidenced by the presence of hair growing in the ear canal.

Look at the iris of the eye (the part on which determines their color). If you notice a matte or grayish ring on its edge, which is called "senile arc", it indicates that excess cholesterol in the body.

Define a special formula, whether your weight is normal. To do this, subtract the numbers of its growth 110. The obtained result will correspond to the performance standards. Overweight indicates high rates of fat that is in your blood.

Analyze your eating habits. If there are a lot of fatty meat, eggs, butter, bacon, fried and smoked products, then most likely you have elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Please rate the place of physical activity in your life. If you regularly do exercise, jog or a swim in the pool, then the probability of high cholesterol in your body is low. If you move a little, preferring to exercise calm, alas, most likely, this figure exceeds the norm.

If you are pointed at the presence of several of the above signs or there are other compelling reasons to determine the exact amount of cholesterol in the blood (heart pain, dizziness, hypertension, etc.), turn on the blood lipid profile. 24 hours before the analysis can not take alcohol, implement strong physical exertion. Blood donation is done on an empty stomach.

You can use the meter and modern, if it has an additional function of the measurement of cholesterol in the blood. Just drip, as in the measurement of glucose level, a drop of capillary blood on the desired area of ​​the test strip placed in the device and wait for results. The optimal level of cholesterol in blood is: less than 5 mmol / L or less than 200 mg / dl. Slightly high rate is considered: from 5 to 6, 4 mmol / l or from 200 to 239 mg / dL. High levels of cholesterol in the blood acts figure: above 7, 8 mmol / L or more than 240 mg / dL. All measurements are in millimoles per liter or, respectively, milligrams per deciliter.

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