Common myths about caring for your teeth

Common myths about caring for your teeth
 To protect teeth from possible problems, it is important to regularly take care of the oral cavity. But in reality, many of the recommendations for oral care that most people take for truths are ineffective preventive measures. And in some cases, these recommendations even have the opposite effect and provoke problems with the teeth. Below is a list of statements that can rightfully be classified as myths.
 Myth № 1. After the meal it is necessary to brush your teeth

In fact, better clean the teeth not after, but before a meal, thus, tooth enamel is prepared for contact with food. If you still want to brush your teeth after eating, you can do it at least an hour after eating. It was during this time in the mouth restored acid-base balance. Generally brush your teeth before an hour after a meal, it is pointless and just bad because of that teeth remain very vulnerable to destructive acids.

Myth № 2. The whiter teeth, the better

Without a doubt, in modern society, white teeth are recognized more beautiful than yellowish. However, such teeth are more robust and healthy enamel as yellow color indicates that the teeth of all the required minerals saturated. Of course, too much yellow teeth can sometimes indicate a disease, but it is not a painful, but a healthy moderate yellowness. If you still want to be unbearably white smile, then with the least harm to teeth whitening is the best produce in the dental clinic. A variety of "home" bleaching process, such as soda and lemon juice, should be avoided, as these methods are applied enamel great harm by removing along with a touch of the particles themselves teeth.

Myth № 3. It is advisable to regularly rinse your mouth with mouthwash special

Unfortunately, most mouthwashes, currently produced is made on the basis of alcohol, which dries out the mucous membranes. In addition to the liquid alcohol is practically exempt from the mouth of bacteria, but still creates a breeding ground for the breeding of the remaining germs. Therefore, instead of such liquids are much more rational to rinse your mouth with plain water itself and get stuck pieces write with the help of dental floss.

Myth № 4. Benefit teeth drunk on the night will bring a glass of milk

Undoubtedly, the milk is rich in vitamin D and calcium, and these minerals are essential teeth. However, the milk also contains lactose - milk sugar, which has on the tooth enamel strong damaging effects. If the reception is a glass of milk before bedtime has become a habit, it is best to drink it an hour before bedtime and before going to bed, be sure to brush your teeth.

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