8 ways to remove the tired feet

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 The appearance of heaviness in the legs, feeling of weakness, the occurrence of night cramps and swelling - these are signs of tired legs. Legs are experiencing a huge load during the day and need to help them maintain health and strength. Foot Care involves performing certain actions and procedures.
 Ensure that the outflow of blood

Blood clots in the leg veins leads to the formation of blood clots and cause varicose. As a preventive measure necessary to perform exercises for the legs - to lift them up. You can remove the tights or socks, lie down on the sofa, lift your legs up, leaning against the wall. The second option - Sit in a chair and lifted up his feet, rest them on the wall.

Follow kneading exercises

Rise to the socks and sharply goes down. Follow the circular movement of the foot - several times in each direction. Pull the sock over from a sitting position and abruptly release. Sit on a chair, lift your legs up and run a few feet circular motions. Vigorously bend and unbend your toes.

Contrast baths

Sudden change in temperature has an invigorating effect. Prepare two basin - with hot and cold water. Keep your feet two minutes in hot water, then transfer to two seconds in a basin of cool water. Repeat the movement of at least 5 times, and then wipe their feet.

Use healing herbal infusions

Boil in boiling water chamomile, sage, lavender and oak bark. The present composition, add the warm water for the bath and put the feet. Take a bath for 20 minutes, until the water cools down.

Make a relaxing massage

Massage legs and feet is the most relaxing, but if there is nobody to ask about the service, you have to bring your legs pleasure itself. Movement perform better immediately after the bath when the fabric to steam. Put your hands on a thick layer of nourishing cream and proceed to massage - warm up, stroking, tapping. Pay special attention to heels and lifting the foot - work through them with force. Calves and shins need to massage gently and carefully, from the bottom up. After the end of the massage, wear cotton socks.

Use special creams and gels

Range of tools for tired legs wide - from medicinal drugs to cosmetic creams with a cooling effect. Pick a necessary means depending on the existing problems (edema, blisters, voltage, etc.).

Wear "proper" underwear

Cotton and linen nylon pantyhose preferable. If there is evidence of varicose veins, you need a compression garment.

Pick comfortable shoes

High heels are not suitable for daily loads, change their shoes without a heel. Shoes should be sized so as not to squeeze or pull the foot.

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