11 important questions gynecologist

 Often visit a gynecologist's office is seen as a short-term process. However, a specialist can discuss many issues, even on sensitive topics. Should not be limited inspection of the genital organs, breast examination, find out all that in one way or another related to your health.
 1. Is herpes on the lips kind of genital herpes? No. The disease is on the lips is transmitted by airborne droplets and is caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1 and genital herpes occurs under the influence of herpes simplex virus type 2. Nasty disease is likely to get from a sexual partner during unprotected sexual intercourse, as well as by transplacental (from mother to child in utero or during birth).

2. What is the cure infertility? Doctors put such a diagnosis, when for a year of regular sexual intercourse without the use of contraceptives, pregnancy does not occur. Appoint a specialist procedure for checking tubal patency, the results will require a pelvic ultrasound and study spermogrammu partner. When the cause of the disease can not be cured with medication, use assisted reproductive technologies - for example, can offer in vitro fertilization (IVF).

3. What method is better protected? The most effective is the oral hormonal contraceptives (OCs), which have a minimum of side effects. In applying the IUD (intrauterine device) and gormonosoderzhaschey Navy increases the likelihood of developing inflammation of the uterus and appendages, ectopic pregnancy and other diseases. Installing spirals undesirable nulliparous women.

4. Is it possible to operate with uterine fibroids? This depends on the tumor. If it increases in size, causing pain and bleeding, treatment should be carried out in a hospital.

5. How to recognize early pregnancy? The most reliable methods - test, blood test for HCG, a pelvic ultrasound. All other signs (nausea, basal temperature, breast enlargement, change in taste, etc.) may be accompanied by many other states.

6. What threatens papilloma virus? Increases the risk of developing cervical cancer. Take tests for HPV in a special laboratory, especially for the most cancer-causing strains - on the 16th and 18th types of HPV. Difficult to recover much easier to prevent this disease. To do this, there is a vaccine.

7. How serious is gestational diabetes? Glucose crosses the placenta and into the baby's blood. Toddler born large, which may hinder the process of childbirth.

8. What could bring down the menstrual cycle? Here it is necessary to study the genetic factors tested for the presence of infection in the body and can trigger trauma, surgery, etc. Will help to establish the exact cause of a complete examination.

9. Is it possible to move the schedule of menstruation? This is possible thanks to modern hormonal methods. Constantly using birth control pills or hormone ring, you are able to plan the critical days.

10. How can I get rid of cystitis? The disease is treated with antibiotics prescribed by a doctor-urologist and gynecologist, fees herbs and physiotherapy. The course is 5-10 days; if complete medication ahead of, the disease can become chronic, leading to a more long-term treatment in the future.

11. Why is a liquid released from the nipple? Galactorrhea usually associated with increased prolactin levels. Agree to study the hormonal status, which you can assign mammolog doctor, especially if it is in the form of allocation of pus or blood.

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