The right combination and separation of food

The right combination and separation of food
 Separate food, strictly speaking, is not a new idea. Our ancestors lived on a "driven mammoth - Today the whole village eat meat, fish caught - eat fish, dug up roots - vegetarianstvuem." But today, separate meals delivered on a scientific basis and promotes a variety of nutritionists. The basic principle of the system - compatible products.

There is a theory that you should not use the products with different compositions simultaneously. For example, you can not eat protein foods for 5-6 hours prior to the carbohydrate and so on.

Proponents of such a separation argue that different types of products are cleaved different environments (acid and alkaline) that produce stomach. The task of man is to make sure that they do not interfere with each other, that is to use products of different groups separately.

Point, of course, very, very controversial, but there is. So, what are the types of products and how they fit together? The question of compatibility is very important because it is completely separate products from different groups is not possible, and to comply strictly with their reception at different times - even more so.

Protein products

These include meat, offal and fish, as well as eggs, cottage cheese, beans, mushrooms and nuts. Protein-rich poultry, seafood, dairy products.

Foods rich in carbohydrates. These include all starchy foods: potatoes, cereals. Also in the group of carbohydrates include pasta, bread, sweets, bananas, dates, and so on.

The group of fatty foods include whole foods with a high fat content. These include fatty cheeses, sour cream, butter, cream and others.

Herbal products (pome fruit, stone fruit, vegetables, herbs) are referred to as neutral.

Terms separate power supply (rules interoperability) states that for the digestion of protein products stomach produces acid environment. Carbohydrates are digested in an alkaline medium. Neutral products cleaved in acidic and alkaline medium.

There are several rules meals for people who hold a separate food:

1. You can not eat protein and carbohydrate foods at a time.

2. It is not necessary to use two protein meals (eg, fish and meat) in one step.

3. You do not need to combine proteins with acidic fruits. Strictly speaking, the fruit (any) generally should be used separately from other types of food.

4. Do not combine protein foods (such as meat) with fatty foods. Simply put, from grilled meat will have to give.

5. You can not mix the two starchy dishes at once (for example, eat porridge and bread).

6. The starch and sugar incompatible. And, then, goodbye bread with jam, pancakes with syrup and the like.

7. Watermelon and melon are an independent group of products and are used separately from all others.

8. Milk is also considered a separate product for its properties envelop For other foods, making it difficult to digest it. Therefore, the milk should be eaten separately.

At the same time, be aware that neutral products (leafy vegetables, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage) and combined with protein, and carbohydrate foods. Specialists in separate food is recommended that they were on the table as often as possible and at least 50% of the human diet.

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