Puer: unique collection elite tea

Puer: unique collection elite tea
 Russia has called a certain kind of black tea, but in China black tea is called completely different - Puer. This is a special type of tea that is aged for several years in the special conditions, and all the while fermentation takes place. Due to these special procedures Puer gets refined taste, aroma of wood or earth, as well as many useful properties.

Pu-erh - these are teas that are better over time like wine. There are different varieties of Puerh. Some of them are kept very small amount of time, 3-5 years old, although considered optimal period of 10-30 years. The most exquisite and expensive varieties are Imperial Puer exposure in hundreds of years. They are kept in China, like jewelry, very carefully, in compliance with all the conditions for holding the nutrients of this tea.

For many people who do not drink coffee, for various reasons, to replace it may just be Puer. This surprisingly invigorating drink which also contains caffeine, but not too large amounts. His property is willing, to raise efficiency of the brain and has a tonic effect is other than caffeine causes. The best time to use Puer - this morning, but in the evening it is better not to drink, because then it can be difficult to sleep.

Its origin Puer tea is from the valley in which grow the most ancient tea trees in China. This place is called "Six ancient tea mountains." Some of the trees are more than 1,700 years.

Brew Puer recommended porcelain teapot or cup per serving using 3-5 grams of tea leaves. To pour boiling water over them fresh, and then drain the water. Thus with tea dust washed off, it gets rid of some other not very relevant properties. Then you need to pour boiling water leaves Puer again and hold for about 5 minutes or less. Connoisseurs of taste Puer drink it just like that, but some people prefer to add sugar and lemon to improve the taste.

This tea has many beneficial properties. But one in particular might interest people trying unsuccessfully to lose weight, or do not want to pay a lot of attention to this process. Puer regulates digestion, improves metabolism, so it can be used to achieve significant weight loss without much effort. Today he is recognized by many people, experts in the field of healthy lifestyles, as well as supermodels and famous stars, as the best way to preserve youth and health.

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