Oriental spices: and tasty, and useful

Oriental spices: and tasty, and useful
 Gorgeous aromas and flavors - not all the advantages of spices, came to us from the East. Most of them are used since ancient times as a very real, and most importantly, highly effective medicines from a huge number of different diseases.

C ancient times people will diversify your diet with the help of spices. Who came from the East (India, Asia) spices firmly taken place in kitchens and cooking recipes Europeans. Surprisingly, well-chosen composition of dry spices can emphasize or even drastically alter the taste and flavor of any dish.

But the amazing taste qualities - not all dignity spices. Most of them can also boast medicinal properties. For example, everyone's favorite pepper, whom there are many varieties, is an excellent antiseptic. The Indians used pepper to improve memory. Black pepper enhances digestion, activates liver, helps cleanse the body of toxins and helps with diseases of the respiratory organs. Paprika, is widely used in the Mexican food contains vitamins B, vitamin A and C.

Clove has not only magically "hot" flavor, but also a pronounced antiseptic. Adding clove powder in the drink (tea, milk) improves mood, stimulates brain function.

Ginger White is used in salads, drinks and pastries. Japanese cuisine is difficult to imagine without the finest petals pickled ginger. In addition to the bright taste, ginger has anti-pyretic and analgesic properties. Ginger root improves the function of the stomach, liver, has diuretic properties. Spice helps in jaundice, paralysis, colds. Ginger tea - an amazing tool to fight obesity.

Saffron. He is considered the king of spices and flavor of saffron is difficult with something confused. Until now, this spice should fabulously expensive, but even a tiny amount is sufficient to change the dish. Range of medicinal properties of saffron is very wide. Spice known as antipyretic, diuretic. Saffron also effective in treating disorders of the spleen, liver, and is used for arrhythmia, pneumonia and diphtheria. Saffron reduces appetite (which is effective for slimming) and perfectly calm nerves.

Cinnamon - another oriental spices, without which it is impossible to imagine a lot of gentle humanity favorite drinks, food and sweets. This spice improves mood and performance, makes nerves like steel cables. Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties in diseases of the urogenital area, often used as a tonic for heart disease.

Turmeric is rich in essential oils and is often used not only in cooking but also in cosmetics. For example, it is often added to the cleansing mask because the spice has antibacterial properties. Turmeric used in the treatment of gastric ulcers, as well as in combination with other agents for blood purification.

Of course, this is not a complete list of oriental spices and their properties. Cover them all is impossible. But most importantly, know that in jars with your favorite spices are stored not only divine flavors for culinary dishes, but also the most genuine medicinal agents.

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