Kvass: history and types of kvass, useful properties

Kvass: history and types of kvass, useful properties
 Kvass - the most popular drink, whose popularity persists, especially good in the summer heat. Drinking a cup of cold refreshing kvass, hardly anyone thinks about the history of the drink, its mineral properties and types, and yet, it is interesting!

Even in the ancient world there was a beverage that resembles kvass, as evidenced by the surviving records of ancient Egypt, Babylon and Ancient Greece. In ancient Egypt, it was a beverage resembling beer, Babylon and Greece drank a variety of fruit kvass. Russia met with a drink kvass, more than a thousand years ago, it is mentioned in the chronicles even Kievan princes, and love for him does not pass.

Kvass contains vitamins B and E, for a large number of useful digestive enzymes, minerals and amino acids. It is useful and well quenches thirst, as a special sour taste, which he is famous, is achieved due to the presence in it of lactic and acetic acid.

We can not say that this national drink nizkokalorien, it high carbohydrate content, but it helps to not only quench your thirst, but also the time stave off hunger.

Kvass also can be used as an energy drink, and, in contrast to modern energy, without unpleasant consequences.

Beverage may also serve as an aperitif, as it increases the appetite and it is more antiseptic organism, normalizes metabolism and improves the function of the cardiovascular system.

But you can not say that kvass is useful to all. Firstly, in it, albeit in small doses, but the presence of alcohol, so it is better not to drink very young children. Secondly, its use is contraindicated in some of the problems with the stomach, such as gastritis, ulcers, as well as in liver cirrhosis and a tendency to hypertension.

Kvass has long been especially popular in Russia. On sale are many different brands as draft and bottled, both drinking and especially for the production of the favorite summer hash.

Kvass is made of rye flour, sugar, malt (or barley or rye), yeast and bread kvass.

Also, a drink made based fruit drink or juice obtained by fermentation of the wort together. On sale now sold extract from which you can make your own brew at home.

If you want to make it to the old classic recipes, you need a kilogram of bread crumbs (such as Borodino), a cup of sugar, 50 grams of yeast and 6 liters of water. You can also spolzovat raisins and apples.

Crackers to pour 5 liters of boiling water and leave for 6-7 hours, then strain, add diluted in a liter of water yeast, raisins and sugar. The resulting mixture insist day in the heat, then place in the cold. On the fourth-fifth day of the final brew matures and is extremely tasty.

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